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Regatta Fashion Week 2011: Reminiscing

I have recently started catching up on my blog and I saw this old post that I drafted a bazillion ages ago. It would’ve been senseless for me to just chuck it out to my trash bin plus I took great photos (debatable) so I might as well post them.

A perfect example of a great photo…

I am on the second row to see all the fashion action…with a glass of champagne in my hands, of course.

The theme of the show is a boat deck as you can see in the first photo. Very cool and quite frankly, I think this is my go-to style whenever I am feeling casual. Solid colours, clean and crisp. Very nice!!!

More photos  after the jump…

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Michael Phelps Poses for Louis Vuitton

I have not posted anything for inspiration but this will do for now.

Above is the photo of Michael Phelps in all his bodylicious glory for Louis Vuitton.

If only I could look that good in a bath tub. Well, I would settle to have everything from the neck down.

Throw in the bag, too!!!


Lady Gaga Debuts Her Fragrance Named “FAME”

I know. It has been a while and it is seen through my rusty blog title making skills…but this is too yummy to pass up.

Here is Lady Gaga’s promo for her new fragrance “Fame”.

Shot after shot, it is reminiscent of her “Bad Romance” video which made her unforgettable.


Second Day Lets Do This

LOL! I just thought of posting this photo while I was on my way to SMX Convention Centre (near Mall of Asia) where the Philippine Fashion Week was held.

I was in a pretty happy mood despite the traffic jam ahead of me.

Even had a “cheer me up” snack waiting for someone.

I needed some back up while doing this mini coverage of mine and this made it entirely relaxing and even more enjoyable for me. Btw, I went to Lord Stow’s Bakery in Mall of Asia for some iced coffee and cookies. Delish!!!

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Bimbo’s Second Look For Philippine Fashion Week

I wanted to keep my look very casual for my second day at Philippine Fashion Week. I was wearing a suit the the day before and I wanted to keep it a little more fun this time. Besides, I have been talking about colour for the previous collections that I saw and it is just proper for me to walk the talk so to speak.

What I had on was a Folded & Hung top, a Jeffrey Rogador oversized track pants, Pedro shoes and my blue Louis Vuitton Riviera (which I actually gave to my mum so technically, I borrowed it). Oh and uber huge brooch that perfectly matched my top which I got from Malaysia.

I wanted to wear it a lot higher on the waist just to look a little different and to hide the huge belly that I have been sporting lately.

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Marlon Rivera Holiday 2011

Coming from the Oxygen Show earlier, I thought it would be a little blande for me to see more blacks. Don’t get me wrong I LURVE  black because it gives me all access to everything crazy but another full line of blacks and neutrals is a little too repetitive for me.

Coming into Marlon Rivera’s Holiday 2011 Collection felt like that at first, only because of the colours, but I was in for a surprise when I saw some colours towards the end. I was like revived back to sanity and the clothes totally got my attention. They spoke to me…and they said grab me while u can still see me on the runway.

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Who Run The World…MAC?!?!?

I was searching for live performances of Beyonce for Run The World in the wee hours of the morning just to keep my mood up while I blogged and came across this hilarious spoof.

Watch and enjoy.

I can’t help but focus my eyes on the back up dancers. They know nothing about dancing but they sure kept up with “Beyonce”.

Who run this mother…board!!!

M Barretto Holiday 2011

As u can see from my very first photo, my photography skills are below par which is quite a shame because the clothes that M Barretto is showing here is amazing.


Mr Barretto, if u happen to pass by my blog, please throw some my way. I will gladly show them off and photo whore (which apparently I am quite good at).

So much more photos after the jump…

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ESAC Holiday 2011

Now how’s that for starters?!?!?

I am now continuing my posts on the adventure I had through Philippine Fashion Week. I know I know it was ages ago but who cares, noh???

Anyway, here is the ESAC Holiday 2011 Line. I love the bright colours and the material are mostly bling bling shiny. U know I love everything shiny.

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Motivation Malaysia Features The Bimbo

I have been working on so many photos that I have amassed since I’ve hibernated from blogging and my neck is hurting like a bitch.

Anyway, before I continue with my way overdue Philippine Fashion Week posts, let me segway (???) this feature about the most important Filipino in the world me in a motivational blog called Motivation Malaysia.

Just like any interview (as if I have done hundreds), I was asked questions and answered to the best of my abilities…very Miss Universe-like.

Read the full article here. It is also run by the person who convinced me to start blogging, Syafique. Follow Syafique on twitter here and MotivationMY on twitter here.

Be sure to like my feature because if u are reading this, u obviously like me.



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