Month: March 2010

Scandal with AXN

This brought me the LOLzzz.

I was talking to my friend and he thinks that we have good chances of qualifying for the AXN Amazing Race Asia. I don’t know what is up his sleeve that makes him so confident…but there is little possibility no way that I am wearing f*ck me pumps to running around this continent. Unless he gives me an LV Trunk, then I might consider.

Anyway, he was chatting with me about it and this is how it went:

FRIEND: Would u like to be my partner for Amazing Race Asia? I think we have a good chance.

ME: Sure. What makes u so sure we are going to get picked?

FRIEND: Well, I am sure that there is no one submitting from Brunei. We can represent!

ME: Alright. So what do we have to do?

FRIEND: We have to make a video. The deadline is tomorrow though. :(

ME: What kind?



Best part. I posted this conversation on twitter (in less than 140 characters, mind you) and somehow, AXN thought it would be considerate enough to reply to my tweet. This is what they said:

@johnreydangilan LOL! We haven’t had someone done that yet, though this might not exactly qualify you…

I am trying to break this down for my own understanding. What I can see here is that IT MIGHT NOT EXACTLY qualify us BUT it will be considered. And by considered it means that they are dying to see it.


I have to give it up to my friend for thinking out of the box. So much for AXN Beyond (that’s shameless advertising for you)!

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Erykah Badu Strips

Before anything else is said, I want to profess my eternal love for Erykah Badu. Her music is poetry and timeless. A lot different from the music on the mainstream and it speaks to me.

Sort of how a Triple Cheeseburger speaks to me except it is not fattening.

With that said, the video for her latest single WINDOW SEAT is spiking some controversy. She strips naked and gets shot in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas – where JFK was shot in 1963.

Some are calling it obscene for being naked. Some call it disrespectful for history.

I am just amazed that she bled out in blue.

Read the review of her latest album New AmERYKAH Part Two: Return of the Ankh here.

Alice in Wonderland

Everyone who has seen the movie always tell me that they are reminded of me when they saw this character.

Must be something with the line OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!

Blogging for a Cause

I am a big fan of charitable organizations. I won’t go to its concerts and scream HEY HO but u know what I mean.

I tell my friends that when I get just enough money, and by enough it means that I am able to sustain my shopping and techie slut status but still able to set some aside, I will settle down, adopt a kid, spoil it like crazy…and most of all…create an organization of a charitable cause. I know that true generosity comes anonymously but I say that this group will surely have my name (and face) all over it.

Currently, I am nowhere near my adoption dreams nor my shopping buzz so I opt to use my imaginary fame and make good use of it. So I am trying to make an announcement.

I believe that helping others is like a stone dropped in water, it will start with small ripples and spread out…like acne. So I am trying to help those that are (somewhat) close and then work from there. I insist on working on this one…

Look at this poor girl’s picture below.

I am not aware of her full catastrophic background but I came across her picture and I could just imagine. Okay we can see that she still has her cabinets and reading materials there. From this I can conclude that she was robbed and the rest of her house is empty leaving useless stuff behind…most probably including her…so I am guessing the robbers are gay.

Knowing that she would be useless for any sexual ploys, they just made fun out of her by making her pose half naked. This is the best shot they got but I do assume that somewhere outside this portrait is a gun pointed straight at her head. Based on the aesthetics, I suppose the robbers are a fan of the cartoons THE LITTLE MERMAID.

U can’t but I can see it in her eyes. The horror. The trauma. Let us help her out as she is freezing her nipples off.


Hey! I am no Caritas Manila nor am I a Homes for Humanity person, but I am so sure that it should be a public concern if we saw her walking down the street like this. People would throw rubbish at her and alas…POLLUTION!

Disclaimer: The photo has been edited to hide her identity, just like those drunk men whose penises get cut off for infidelity and makes it to front page. The level of similarity between these two cases are yet to be determined.


Being the first blog entry, I think I should start by introducing myself but I can’t find the words to pin point it. I always say that I am a whirling mass of sexy flesh contradiction but that’s still not enough.

After busting my (cottage cheese) ass thinking, I have decided to let you in on a conversation with a friend. After all, you will know a person by the friends he has around…


JP: I am not kidding.

JP: She is hot!

JP: Maybe not to other people, but she is beautiful to me.

JP: I think that’s why I was dumped.

ME: Haha. It is because you are UGLY!

You guys will learn to love me…eventually.


After months of slacking it off, I have finally found a home to rant.

I have no idea what I want to rant about but one thing is for sure…

The person writing this is a BIMBO.

…and I may have blonde roots.

Introductions to come.