Month: April 2010


I think I am starting to get the hang of this traveling within the baggage allowance thing.
Total Checked In Baggage

LOL! It is bull crap. I am within the limits only because I sent the other 12kg luggage this morning.

But still… 😛

Do I Look Like A Dancer???

Whenever I go out, may it be in the malls or even the immigrations line, I always meet people who just love to say something about or towards me. I find that refreshing because I am actually a little bit shy and I know most of the people who know me would disagree but I am. I believe therefore I am.

Every airport I have been to someone would say something. In the Philippines, they mentioned something about what I wear or my bags or my fake tat. In Brunei it is pretty much the same but here in KK Airport, they decided to ask a little bit more.

This is what I am wearing now and while my bags were going for security check, the inspection people asked…A LOT.


Immigration Person 1: U have big bags.

Me: I went shopping. I can’t help it.

IP 1: So where are u off to?

Me: Brunei. I am on transit here (in my head, I am thinking this bimbo better check me in the right gate).

IP 1: Are u local?

Me: No. Filipino

IP 1: What do u do there?

Me: I work there.

IP 2: As a dancer?

Me: NO!!! I am an Operations Manager (then I started to grab my bags and walked away)

IP 3: (whispering to IP2) He doesn’t look like a manager.


I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a dancer, or an interior designer, or an artist (all of which I have been mistaken for) but I just don’t get why I somehow I am looking creative to these people. I just laugh it off and I find it cute sometimes that they even bother to talk to me. I just know among all of my friends, I have no talent.

Other than the verbal diarrhea that I am doing OH SO WELL.

I am waiting for boarding and I am still wondering why they don’t have Bvlgari in the duty free shops.

Side Note: I brought my mum’s videoke mic thing with me. Maybe I could harness my inner American Idol.

My View

I had no idea that Kota Kinabalu is this scenic. I should probably stop going to malls and start exploring…

View From The Seventh Floor


Bimbo Finally Flies

I know I have written it on top (BIMBO) but now I have evidence to back it up. Just when u though u’ve found the dumbest thing I would do, then u uncover a whole new level. I don’t know why I have missed my flight but the only plausible thing I could answer anyone who asked is that I thought that the 27th was on a Thursday. Being the smart (ass) bitches that my friends are, they asked, “the calendar in Brunei is the same as the one we have in the Philippines, RIGHT?” LOL!

Anyway, so I was on my way to the airport yesterday clinging on to the off chance that I would get a vacant seat on the flight to Brunei. I was on the phone and online (yeah I know. I was multi tasking…again) to get the first flight out.

The direct flight was just crazy. They are making me pay the twice the price I paid for a return ticket for a one way. The other budget airline in flying out of the Manila airport has no schedule and I was left with one last choice…AIR ASIA.

I dread flying this airline because they are most usually delayed and their freaking baggage allowance can only accommodate my shoes but I had no choice. Even though it was roughly three hours away from Manila (making the drive a total of five hours), I had to suck it up. Plus it is a transit flight and that means I am staying overnight in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. In my head, I am on my knees with my hands in the air screaming, “WHY???” (Cue in the thundershowers)

I hate it when people are hustling in the baggage counter. I even saw someone carrying a freaking huge stuffed animal and I am thinking these bitches better now have this thing quarantined. LOL! It was actually the ground attendants who made that joke and I found that funny.

It was not my shining moment. I am not exactly dressed to the nines but I don’t look like I am about to jog in a park so I don’t want to sweat. I see a lot of people do it before and yesterday, I was one of them.  Though God pulled a fast one on me, I was lucky enough to see my other aunt and uncle taking the same flight. So they took in most of my luggage and I only had to pay a few kilos for excess. I am winking at the heavens at this point.  

The highs of the trip at least was that I was complimented by the door lady on my outfit and the inspections lady on my (temporary) leg tattoo.

I don’t know if this is supposed to be something to be proud of but when all the passengers were walking past the pilot as we were leaving the plane, he was saying his thank you’s to everyone. But when it got to me…MAN! He gave me a cold – blooded stare. I found that hilarious.

I also a nice hotel to stay here in KK and the very nice receptionist gave me a huge ass discount on the rates. Maybe I looked beat.

Just to erase the bad parts of this trip, I shopped a little bit. Just a little, I swear. J

By the time that I post this, I may be rushing to airport in the hopes that I catch the first flight to Brunei.

Sweet Dreams Remake

There was a time when I was so into this song I would have it on repeat when I am on the treadmill.

I am just damned that someone did this before I even thought (yes, I did think hence I do have a brain…however minute) of doing this.

I wonder what is next…

27 Is Not 29


My mind was so set on the delusion fact that my flight is tomorrow and guess what…it was freaking yesterday.

Which meant I was supposed to be in Brunei when:

  1. I was getting my face done for four hours.
  2. Stuck in traffic for a solid three hours plus lost for my other appointment.
  3. Downing a big fat crispy pork as if my mouth was a garbage chute.

My friend is suggesting that I get a personal assistant. I don’t know how that would work though seeing that the follower is only as good as the leader.

Big fat luck to that!!!

Heading Home…

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks and I’m finally on ny break. Flying to the Philippines in few minutes and I can’t wait to be a lazy bum for the next few days.

See u in Manila.


I have been neglecting this blog for quite some time now. It has been a very hectic week plus I have a trip planned this coming week. Nevertheless, an update is in the works.

In the meantime, I will get my highly deserved rest and make time for blogging the coming week. :)


Going Crazy


Things have been in a rut lately and I am in some deep shit. As my aunt from Manila told me, “your workspace is a representation of your mind.”

My Office Desk

Go figure!

At this point, it would be a lot easier to just move…or plot an arson.

For how long it will keep me in jail is something I will worry about later…A LOT LATER!

Multi Tasking Backfires


For the people who REALLY know me, I am an epitome of the incessant multi tasker. I try, as much as I can, to save that last minute that I am pretty sure I am going to waste by staring into space…and dreaming of me being on American Idol while I run my multi million business plus doing some modeling on the side. Darn…even my dreams are multi tasking!

In the real world, may it be doing a proposal while speaking on the phone plus chatting with a mate and keeping an eye on my boss making sure he is not looking…believe me I could do it! No wonder my friends think that I am eternally available online. I am such a reliable chat mate.

Since I never really got a high (so much a phobia) from riding roller coasters, I entertain myself by pushing the limits with this power – to another level, so to speak. And no, I am not going to do all these with my eyes closed or while standing on one hand or walking on a laundry wire (besides, the wire won’t hold up). With this anticipated rebuttal, another level means taking multi tasking to the toilet (insert unanimous gasp).

It was one of those swamped work days when even going to the loo is a waste of time…much worse if you have to do number two (two and loo…hmmm…they rhyme). Thank heavens for cordless phones I am able to answer calls from there – and please don’t ask who I have spoken to when I am there because there are too many to recall. I think I have given “doing business in the johns” a whole different meaning. Stressful as it was, I knew that smoking would calm me down.

Things started well, the two things went hand in hand without the phone ringing. I was having a pretty “Dalai Lama” moment. So much I almost floated on air with my legs crossed and my open palms on my knees while holding a face much like having an orgasm. And of course, as most funny sitcoms portray, things got messy. The phone starts to ring and it’s one of our clients from the government. Alas, I had to do all three at the same time.

Photo from


Things were fine…at least the first minute. And then all of a sudden, I got so into my argument I burned myself…and to my delight I pissed on my pants. Who would have thought that my-skin-is-burning sensors could trigger peeing so far I could sink the whole of Africa? It was as close as the image of one of the little rascals trying to fight fire with a hose with strong pressure that it was out of control. I almost gripped on it so tight as if it was the neck of the annoying waitress at a coffee bar here. Waitressing means service and service means being nice. Someone is in the wrong business.

Back to me being pissed (literally), I managed to tranquilize myself – after all I was smoking while not letting the person on the other end notice something is not in place (pun intended).

Lesson learned: Ensure that the “general” is in its proper place at all times. You will never know when he is unrestrained. Ha!

Oh, while I am writing this, I am drinking my wine, smoking and eating. When will I ever, ever learn. I just hope that I will be able to post this before I burn myself and accidentally spill my drink on my laptop. Fingers crossed!