Month: May 2010

Long Weekend

A very long weekend it was and it certainly was for me.

It has been a few days since I last reached a thousand visits and now I passed my second thousand and for that I am just grateful. Things are pretty rough for me and I have to admit that I am finding solace in writing YOU GUYS READING WHAT I HAVE TO SAY JUST MAKES IT MORE FULFILLING.


Updates soon… :)

Rafael Nadal's $525,000 Sports Accessory

It just frustrates me to know that I will never ever ever get one of these to use in my lifetime while some gets them and sweats on them.



Everyone knows pro athletes love their bling. But it’s hard to believe some of them actually get paid to wear luxury items even when they’re on the court. Check out the $525,000 RM 027 Tourbillon timepiece that tennis great Rafael Nadal is sporting at this year’s French Open. With a carbon-composite case and lithium alloys, the watch weighs in at a mere 20 grams — supposedly light enough to not interfere with Nadal’s game.

If I do make it big and had to do sports attire and wear something expensive…


The cloe up photo of the watch can be seen after the jump…

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Dog Pays Back

A police officer is trying to free a dog caught in a fence. Once freed, the officer looked for him and…

…well, I though of the worse thing that could happen.

Watch it…

So cute!!!

You CANNOT Be Fat In Japan

I know that my daily thinspiration is helping me curb my enthusiasm to gorge on that cake that I saw the other day, or the designer coffee with a lot of whip cream or stealing the leftovers from the other table in a fastfood chain, but this one should take the cake of the best thinspiration yet.

Maybe I should move to Japan.


Thanks to an anti-obesity law passed last year, Japanese salarymen across the nation are pulling up their shirts to have their guts measured… and if they’re overweight, they face consequences.

If you’re male and your waist is over 33.5 inches, you’re considered fat. If you’re female, the limit is 35.4 inches. Thanks to those burgers, you now have to attend mandatory counseling with a physician. For every grotesquely obese employee like yourself, your company gets hit by a fine; ergo, they strongly encourage you to lose weight with gifts of gym memberships and pedometers.

I think this rule shouldn’t be too hard. And I do understand the limitations since I know Japanese are really petite and to have a 30++ inch waist would be a nightmare. Hell, they don’t even cook their food so u there is no excuse to being fat…

…but there is McDonald’s there, right?

If so, I think I would be doomed…LIKE ALWAYS!!!

Now I need a double cheeseburger. :(

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Bimbo Drink

At first I thought being a BIMBO is catching on. Hell, they made a drink out of it.

A shock ad health campaign image from Italy featuring a fetus submerged in a cocktail with ice and a slice of lemon.

I am just too full of myself. LOL!

This is an ad that is plastered all over Italy commissioned by Italian Public Health Agency in Treviso. It features as you can see, is a fetus placed at the bottom of a drink which bears the line, MOM DRINKS, BABY DRINKS. This is produced by Fabrica, the communications agency that produced the ads for Benetton of which I should be a part of, honestly.

Apparently, almost two thirds of Italian women drink.

Maybe to divert attention from the baby already baking in their bun…or the notion that getting drunk could make you lose the baby fat.

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50 Cent On Discount

…because by the looks of this photo, he looks like he is on sale.

Maybe around 20 Cents?

I heard that he dropped all his weight for a role in the movie “Things Fall Apart” where he plays a football player who contracted cancer. He was 214 bs and with his liquid diet and walks, he dropped to 160 lbs.

I am supposed to consider this as my THINSPIRATION for my weight loss, but he just looks so sad. I guess he is taking this movie title to heart…I MEAN LOOK AT HIM!!!

Does this mean that he will get an Oscar for this role?

God forbid!

One more photo (which is more recognizable) after the jump…

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