Month: August 2010

Car Needs Care…Or Replacement!

I have been trying to juggle so many things lately and to be honest, my car is as good as a home to me now. I sleep in it, I change clothes in it, take my breakfast in it and though I know my windows are not tinted, I pick my nose in it thinking that I am in the privacy of my own home…

Gross, I know. And I don’t care.

Anyway, since I am being a gross one, wait until u see the insides of my car.

That’s my usual breakfast . I am always in a rush and never wake up that early so I always am on the go. I dread throwing anything out of the window so I keep everything inside. Take note, I am very environment friendly but it comes with a price.

Tissue tissue all over! Just for ur information, I use that to pick my nose. 😛

Too many packages arrived and of course, I couldn’t wait to open them up. I still have a lot of these purchases that I have not blogged yet.

U see what I mean?

This is sort of a like a page off “Finding Waldo” except Waldo is a hand brake. :)

Not that I think that u are interested at looking at someone else’s dump, I just thought that this would get me some AWWWs and a big fat pity and at some point would provide a big enough hint that I need a new car. It is easier to move/get a new car than to clean this one, really.

Wishful thinking…

Rest assured, this is not the case anymore…the package boxes are gone.

Busy Bee Weekend

Oh how I’ve missed blogging. I think these past few days have been quite hectic for me…at least socially. It should be a good thing anyway since it means that I will have a lot more to blab about and u will have some more reasons to poke ur eyes with a pencil.

Anyway, this is a photo that I took right before I went out.

In true bimbo practice, here is a teaser for some of the things that I bought which I have not even blogged about.

Take ur guess.

Hope u guys had a great weekend, as well. :)

“The Instructions” With A Twist

I was talking to my trainer the other week since he has been coaching me on lifting weights (which I dread), what to eat and essentially how to hate my mum and dad for not giving me the perfect genes to make me look like I am fit for an underwear campaign ad.

So I did everything that he told me to do. I pretty much have a schedule on what to do which I admit to be making my way around it.

Example: Instructions says Ab Machine for x reps, y weight and z sets. My version is to sit there, set up the weights and just watch HBO and tweet.

Good enough, I say.

Anyway, I know enough about dieting to know that exercise and eating goes hand in hand. One will not exactly work without the other so I asked him what he eats regularly.

It was pretty normal and generally something I could do. He eats nuts, a little rice and chicken, his protein shakes and a lot of eggs. Oh wait, the eggs I cannot do. He said he goes through the whole tray (that’s 24 pieces) in 2 or 3 days. I didn’t even ask if they were raw or boiled because I almost puked at the thought of consuming that much.

Oh and he had two of these in a month.

That’s raw salmon from one of my favourite Japanese Restos here. I tried it the other week and I have to share it with two of my other friends. I swear, this was a lot more difficult to eat than the Shake Sushi Version (that’s raw salmon on top of Japanese Rice).

I was eating it in different ways. I tried to chew it which was gross. I tried to swallow it instead but it felt like I was having a slug go through my throat. Eventually, I just asked for mayonnaise just to keep it edible for me.

Mayo is not the best flavouring alternative for diet freaks but I don’t care. I had to eat those. Other than trying to replicate my trainer’s diet, that serving is like a week’s worth of lunch money!!!

I thank my two friends for chowing this down with me. I couldn’t have done it without u. At least I was able to take half.

So once again, my version of “the instructions” was done with my little twist in it.

I am hopeless.

6 Tips To Eating With Awareness

To tell u honestly, sometimes I don’t get the fasting practice so much. Not to offend anyone but I don’t understand why it is ok to fast in when the sun is up and then “eat-all-u-can” at night. This is my only cultural experience being in Brunei (Muslim Country) for the last seven years so feel free to enlighten me.

It was just a thought.


I have been bombarded with a lot of food lately being in the midst of buffets during this fasting month. Not that I am complaining but I have been beating myself over the thought of over eating knowing that I have been working on losing a bit of weight right before I go off for my vacation. That’s quite a premature decision since I am not sure if I will be able to leave but I would rather be prepared.

So I came across this article on being aware of what u put inside ur mouth. I can’t count how many times I have regretted what I ate. U know, like right at the point where I can feel my stretch marks actually forming around my belly and when food is stuck just right above ur throat and below ur mouth. GROSS!!!

Click for Source

Says FoodWatch

1. Sit down to eat, even if it’s only for a snack. Turn the TV or laptop off and don’t read. Let the food be the sole centre of your attention.

2. Take two deep breaths before you eat. Pause to reflect on what you’re about to eat, being respectful of the dish in front of you and thankful for the food (a little like the old school-time grace). This is the best step of the six to practice when eating out or with others.

3. Chew each mouthful thoughtfully paying attention to the flavours and textures – some health food advocates have suggested at least 30 times per mouthful *. Put your knife and fork down between bites.

4. If you know you’re a fast eater, try eating with chopsticks or with your non-dominant hand to slow things down.

5. Plate up normal (not diet) portions of food and

6. Eat slowly and make the meal last at least 20 minutes.

I have tried all of these and none of them really worked for the long haul. As for using chop sticks,  I have been eating with chopsticks even when I was younger and I could freaking eat a bag of crisps with chopsticks if I had to…with a blindfold.

I am getting flashback of little ninja movies in training with that thought. :)

Is This The Kind Of Training The Military Gets???

Since I made a post on the hostage taking earlier, I searched for training that military/police goes through and this is what I found…

This is what the caption of the video says…

All Government Official Please make an Action in this Hazing Video of One on the School here in our Country. This happen in Bacolod PMI Superior Officer treat there Lower Class like an animal. Hope this will not happen to your child. All media pls. make a report in this incident.

Someone please tell me what’s the point in this???

This is the part where I am supposed to strike through something quirky but this is just infuriating.

10 Things Manila SWAT Did Wrong

In the midst of the brouhaha that went on in the Miss Universe pageant, Manila was going through one of the most tragic, jaw dropping and blood curdling events in Philippine History where an ex policeman hostages a Hong Kong Tourist Bus.

Incident is already mind numbing but as for the people in the twitterverse, I can see the frustration on what the Manila SWAT should’ve done to control the situation. Sort of how people would’ve answered the final question for Miss Universe – Philippines.

Everyone wants to place their own two cents on the matter but in the end, it has happened and even though this person singlehandedly destroyed Philippine Tourism, all we can do is just rise from yet another mishap.

My surprise can no longer be seen knowing that yet another (ex) government official is causing all the commotion.

Inasmuch as we are all trying to get things in perspective, I think this article by BBC News on what they did wrong is very enlightening and quite sad the more u read through.

1. Determination

The first officers who tried to storm the bus were driven out by gunshots from the hostage taker, former policeman Rolando Mendoza. “They showed great courage to go on board. It’s very crowded, just one aisle down the middle of the bus. But once you get on board it’s not unexpected you are going to be fired at. Squads like this have to be made up of very special people, specially trained and selected for their characteristics of courage, determination and aggression. In this case they acted as 99% of the population would have, which was to turn round and get out. They didn’t seem to have the necessary determination and aggression to follow the attack through.”

2. Lack of equipmentThe police spent a long time smashing the windows of the bus, whereas explosive charges (known as frame charges) would have knocked in windows and doors instantly. “They had no ladders to get through the windows. They smashed the windows but didn’t know what to do next,” Mr Shoebridge says. “They almost looked like a group of vandals.” Their firearms were also inappropriate – some had pistols, some had assault rifles. Ideally they would have carried a short submachine gun, suitable for use in confined spaces.

3. Lost opportunity to disarm the gunmanThere were numerous opportunities to restrain the gunman, Mr Shoebridge believes. “The negotiators were so close to him, and he had his weapon hanging down by his side. He could have been disabled without having to kill him.”

4. Lost opportunity to shoot the gunmanThe video of the drama also shows there were occasions when the gunman was standing alone, during the course of the day, and could have been shot by a sharpshooter. “You are dealing with an unpredictable and irrational individual. The rule should be that if in the course of negotiations an opportunity arises to end the situation decisively, it should be taken,” Mr Shoebridge says. Either this possibility did not occur to the officers in charge, he adds, or they considered it and decided to carry on talking.

5. Satisfying the gunman’s demands”I wondered why the authorities just didn’t give in to all of his demands,” says Charles Shoebridge. “A promise extracted under force is not a promise that you are required to honour. Nobody wants to give in to the demands of terrorists, but in a situation like this, which did not involve a terrorist group, or release of prisoners, they could have just accepted his demands. He could be reinstated in the police – and then be immediately put in prison for life for hostage taking.” The Philippines authorities did in fact give in to the gunman’s demands, but too little, too late. One message promised to review his case, while he wanted it formally dismissed. A second message reinstating him as a police officer only arrived after the shooting had started.

6. Televised proceedingsThe gunman was able to follow events on television, revealing to him everything that was going on around him. This was a “crucial defect in the police handling”, Mr Shoebridge says. He adds that police should always consider putting a barrier or screen around the area, to shield the scene from the cameras and keep the hostage taker in the dark.

7. No element of surpriseIt was clear to the gunman what the police were doing at all times, not only because the whole incident was televised, but also because they moved “laboriously slowly”, Mr Shoebridge says. The police did not distract him, so were unable to exploit the “crucial element of surprise”.

8. Safeguarding the publicAt least one bystander was shot, possibly because the public was allowed too close. The bullet from an M16 rifle, as carried by the gunman, can travel for about a mile, so preventing any risk of injury would have been difficult, Mr Shoebridge says, but a lot more could have been done. “When you saw the camera view from above, it was clear there was little command and control of the public on the ground,” he says.

9. Using the gunman’s brother to negotiateRelatives and close friends can be a double-edged sword, Mr Shoebridge says. While they may have leverage over the hostage taker, what they are saying cannot be easily controlled. In this case, the gunman’s brother was included in the negotiations – however, at a certain stage he became agitated and police started to remove him from the scene. The gunman saw this on television, and became agitated himself. According to one report he fired a warning shot.

10. Insufficient trainingIn some parts of the Philippines, such as Mindanao, hostage taking is not an uncommon occurrence, so the country has some forces that are well trained in the necessary tactics. The detachment involved in Monday’s incident clearly was not, says Mr Shoebridge. After smashing the windows, one of the officers eventually put some CS gas inside, though “to what effect was not clear” he says. A unit involved in this work, needs to be “trained again and again, repeatedly practising precisely this kind of scenario,” he says.

Sad to know that this is the case. What’s even sadder I think is that this might mean there will be more budget allocated for such “trainings”, the more corruption ensues.

I think they just have to re assess their training curriculum. Maybe a little bit less of this…


My heart goes out to the families of the victims.