Month: October 2010

Going Down Undaaahhh!!!

This is the only thing that I was able to do in Boracay amongst numerous activities that the island has to offer so if u are like me who had a couple of hours to spare, then this is the thing for u.

So after a 15 minute boat ride and another 15 for the briefing and prepping to do the Underwater Walk, here I am now about to take the plunge. I don’t know if it was the weather but the water so damn cold. I am so forcing a smile here and glad that the camera couldn’t capture my teeth doing a little tap dance in my mouth. Put in three judges there and it could me America’s Got Talent.

Anyway, to be underwater and to actually walk there, we needed to have this helmet that’s around 25 kg in weight which of course isn’t so heavy once underwater. It looks like the ones that astronauts wear and it is supposed to supply us breathable air while underwater plus the weight to keep up submerged.

Remember the briefing that we had just prior to this? Well, while descending four metres into the water I am supposed to pinch my nose and force some air out so as to ease the pressure.

Sounds simple, noh?


And if u don’t get it right, it will be such a painful experience.

As expected, I didn’t get it done properly. Halfway through my descent, I was doing my hand signals that I wanted to go back up but the scuba diver who assists us just kept on descending. I was already panicking and he could see it in my eyes. Well, that and plus maybe he could lip read and see me swearing the hell out of him.

He actually did the nose pinching thing for me and gladly it worked for a while.

Wanna see what we look like under the water?

See after the jump…

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After The Morning Walk…We Go Down Undaaahhh!!!

*insert Aussie accent here!*

This is pretty much the most decent photo we got taken of us while on this boat.

Let me track back a bit, remember while we were doing our Morning Walk on the beach, we saw this guy who offered us things we could do in Boracay through a menu. Well, we decided to do one which fit into my schedule and something that I was willing to do.

See how special I am to my friends?!?!? Bow down!!!

A little side note: If it was not clearly implied in my previous post, it is best to seek out where these activities could be done urself rather than asking the hotel desk help. It is a lot cheaper and the person who offered it to us was just wandering around in the beach. Just look like u are a bimbo (which I am an expert of) and u will be approached in no time. J

Anyway, so we decided to do Underwater Walk (I think that’s what it was called) and I’ve never heard nor done this before so I am quite hyped up.

After the long walk, and I mean SUPER LONG, we had to walk to this boat which was about a few metres away from the shore so I had to remove my beach pants.

I was wearing shorts underneath…before u say any vomitrocious comments, ok?!?!?

Once we were on it, the boat ride began.

It was so bumpy I tell u, with the waves and the speed of the boat. A little tip, sit at the back because it is the least bumpy there. But no matter how bumpy the ride was, we still managed to squeeze in a little photo whoring session.

Only around 15 minutes later, we got to the diving site.

See where it took us after the jump…

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I Really Think This Would’ve Made My Trip A Lot More Fun

With all the water that was surrounding me in my Boracay trip, just thought that I would post this for your viewing pleasure.

This is the Aquariva by Gucci which is an exclusive made to order yacht.

According to Gucci‘s Official Youtube Page…

Gucci and Riva, in collaboration with Officina Italiana Design, the design company which created the original Aquariva in 2000, are proud to unveil the exclusive made to order “Aquariva by Gucci”, a model customized by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. This initiative will be one of the activities marking Gucci’s 90th anniversary year in 2011.

I can totally imagine myself riding in one of these. With all the boat riding that I’ve been doing, I think I can give this pretty baby some justice. 😛

I just realised, for now, I am carrying Gucci in my hand, next thing u know Gucci would be carrying me.

Dream on, dreamer!!!

Morning Walk In Boracay

After the chaos that happened the night before, I am glad to finally see Boracay under the sun.

Well, not exactly under the sun because it was still a little drizzly at times and the clouds were covering the skies. But it was perfectly fine for me though. I am not making it obvious to my friends but I am a little afraid of the sun. Not because I am one of the million Filipinos trying to get the lightest skin tone that could match the the printer paper, but because I am afraid of the wrinkles it will inflict on my already tired – looking skin.

So this weather is perfect for me and I was LURVE-ing it. My friends however, hated it and are blaming it on me being the “unlucky” one.

That’s too long of a story to explain so let’s put it this way. I had to leave earlier than the rest of my friends and the exact time that I landed in Manila, I got a message from my friends and they said, “the sun is up!”

Get the hint?

Anyway, it was nice to see the Discovery Shores Hotel in the morning. Been there overnight and didn’t really had time to go around and just take a look of what’s there but I am sure that the beach has something a lot more to offer to me.

Just as when we were about to leave for our morning walk, we saw the bride and surprisingly even more awake than I was.

I didn’t know that her room was right next to ours.

Oh and the first photo above is the view from when u look at the beach.

Behind me is this wish stone. What u do is use the brush and write ur wish with water.

I, of course, wished that I become a billionaire because I really want to be…plus that’s the last song I heard before I left the room.

I always hear so many of my friends, even the ones who I was not with here, that Boracay is nothing like any of the beaches of the beaches they’ve seen. It is kind of alarming for me that even my western friends have been here while I haven’t.

Hell, even my mum has been here twice…and once she even got her hair braided like those Bob Marley enthusiasts.

Sometimes, I really think that my mum is cooler than I am.

Here is what I wore for this walk.

I knew that I needed to use one of my brooches from last night since they already took it out.

Now that everyone’s ready, let’s go and listen to me whine about how far we’ve been walking enjoy the beach!!!

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Kelly Osbourne Goes For Gold

Image Credit:

She may not win an Oscar award, but hell she can be one.

Take a look at Kelly Osbourne in all her naked golden glory as she poses for launch of Sky+HD reaching over 50 channels in high definition.

According to, Kelly Osbourne says…

“I love watching TV in HD, you really can see everything in a lot more detail and it makes everything look so much better. Although if you’re on the other side of the camera then the pressure is on you to make sure you look good! Since my weight loss I’m a lot more body confident in front of the camera. It’s not just celebration for Sky+HD, but for me too.”

I have to say that she gradually lost the weight and seeing it gone little by little is just amazing. I always say that dieting never really works, it should be a lifestyle.

I may not do it myself but still. 😛

This is the reason why I don’t do those 10-day diet bullshiz that I see some of my friends do. U end up losing so much weight in so little time but just as u lost them, u gain them back as quickly because u go back to eating like u used to.

Not good!

Anyway, this should count as my inspiration for the day…

Image Credit:

…and an inspiration for the colour I want for my dream car.

One more photo after the jump…

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My Best Friends Are Assholes

I was just too tired and we got back from the bar. I had a couple of beers and being a lightweight, I was a little drunk and was so ready for bed. My body was aching all over, too, because of the massage I had at the airport earlier in the day I think mainly because I barely had sleep.

The rest of my friends were up and quite alive at this time and decided to just continue the fun they’ve been having…unfortunately at my expense.

Take a look at what they did, after the jump…

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Partying In Boracay

After that very very VERY short nap I had after cutting the wedding reception short, I needed to get ready to go out and explore Boracay at night. I have never been here before and so far,I am relying on all of my friends’ stories on what it is like there. Then again, I am not expecting much since it was October and usually, all the fun happens during summer vacations in the Philippines which is March until June.

Let’s find out.

Everyone is getting ready.

And I ended up wearing this.

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At The Wedding Reception

…and up next is fat camp.

But before that, I would like to set the record straight and for other bloggers or photography enthusiasts out there, especially if u are only starting out, it really doesn’t matter how expensive ur camera is, if u don’t know how to use it, u will take crappy pictures.

Unfortunately for me, this is the case. I am not boasting of having a bazillion dollar camera (I got a Canon D55 or 550. I just know there are two 5’s there)  but with the stiff price I paid for it, I was hoping that I would get decent photos without effort. Bimbo me!!!

Anyway, these are the photos that I took of the reception. Quite crappy if u ask me and the photo above is the best photo I got so that u will have an idea of what the reception was like.

It was divine as usual. We were in the sand and under the tents. It was unfortunately drizzling a bit but the venue still was very elegant.

They even had an area where the kids could play. I saw colouring books there, too, which made me wanna sit there and play with myself.

I mean by myself. BY MYSELF!

So cute because I was trying to pull up this kid’s top to keep from showing her bitty parts but she just didn’t care. I think I now know what people mean when being a kid is just the life that everyone wants.

Of course, the same people I was with were there.

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