Month: November 2010

Partying in Manila!!!

One of the things that I genuinely miss in the Philippines is partying, clubbing, bar hopping. Call it what u will but hanging out in a noisy, crowded place with friends while trying to out-booze each other is priceless.

There are no clubs or bars here in Brunei and so whenever I am in the Philippines, I make it a point to party as much as I can. My mum doesn’t like it one bit but with the deprivation that I get overseas, I totally deserve this!!!

The photo above is one of the times that I did go out and I had to pester all of my school buddies to go with me. According to them, they never really go out and it’s only my presence that makes them get off their couches and swing their booties in the clubs.

What can I say??? I put back the fun in funeral clubbing.

This pic was taken  just before I left the hotel. My friend, Atty Mike, picked me up and we went together to the clubs. There were actually a lot of us but I didn’t bring my camera and I didn’t feel like photo whoring so much.

This is exactly what I miss!!!

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Ugly Betty Star Kills Mum With A Samurai, Thinks She Is The Devil

Image Credit: CBS/WCBS

Now this is just effed up!!!

It has been reported by Crimesider that Michael Brea, who starred in the tv hit series Ugly Betty and the movie Step Up 3D, is accused of decapitating (that means “off with their heads” ala that bitch in Alice In Wonderland) his mother using a samurai (so probably Alice In Wonderland Japan Version?) while reciting bible verses.

I can’t think of how many things are wrong with that sentence…other than maybe someone is going to church too much while dreaming of how the latest installment of Kill Bill 3 would go!!!

According to reports…

Neighbors told CBS affiliate WCBS that they heard the 31-year-old actor screaming Bible verses and saying “repent” as he apparently chased his mother through the home.

 One neighbor said he called 911 after hearing a woman shrieking for help, but said when police arrived the screams had stopped.

According to Befilm, the actor thinks that the devil is inside her mother, somehow…

While his mother, Yannick Brea, was screaming for help, he was yelling “Sinner! Sinner! Repent!”

Yannick was found in a kneeling position “as if offering a final prayer” the daily news says.

This is just absurd. Who doesn’t think their mum is the devil, noh? Sometimes I do, then again I don’t decapitate her. No one deserves to be beheaded…except probably my math teacher in school who failed me.


Man oh man. How I have missed updating this little shrine of mine!!!

I know it has been quite a while but trust me, it is a lot longer it was for u than it was for me. I had a lot of work going on on how to fix this little problem but I have come to a point where I know there are people who still come and check on here so I don’t care and I will update as usual. I am assured by my server though that there is no problem with my site.

Moving on. This is going to be a long post (in my puny head, at least) since I have not blogged in a while.

Did I say how much I missed blogging???

Anyway, I just wanted to put some clarity on what Greenhills is. I did mention that I was staying here which is nearby this shopping complex. To put it simply, Greenhills is a shopping complex where u can buy any crap u can think of at the lowest prices. Though things are quite a bargain, I found that some celebrities actually shop here…including myself, of course.

Let me take u on a little tour on what u can find here.

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Unfortunately, this is not an immediate result. LOL!!!

While I was in Greenhills and just enjoyed my Chinese Lunch in Luk Wok Yen (???), I headed out on my own just to try to finish what’s on my to-do list and once again, as per my monthly ritual, I needed to have my face undergo the torture of having a facial. I have been trying to delay this during my trip because I know that this will cause my face to be sore and disgustingly puffy plus with all the dinners, lunches and coffees with friends who I haven’t seen in a while, I didn’t think that giving them ammunition to make more fun of me (which they already do as it is) would be something that I don’t think I am up for.

Anyway, so weeend is up and it is family time and since I will only be with my mum and some relatives, I don’t think they will mind on looking at my face resembling a strawberry.

So I searched for a facial place in Greenhils and I came across Flawless which is located near the Shopping Centre Gardens. I’ve never been to one before but I have seen a lot of their branches in different malls so I suppose that this ain’t bad. I decided to go for the whole nine yards on this one and I spent the whole chunk of my afternoon in this place. I went for a Facial plus a Crystal/Diamond Peel.

I am bracing myself for a whole afternoon of torture, too!!!

This place was pretty full as it was the weekend but I am quite happy that they are able to squeeze me in though I had to wait for a few minutes.

Diva mode on! I just don’t like to wait, that’s all. Nevertheless, I was happy to get it done and over with.

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Chinese-ing This Time

My hotel stay is nearing to an end weekend has finally arrived. This also meant that my moments of solitude would be fast gone as my mum’s going to be picking me up to head back to my hometown, Laguna, which is approximately a two-hour drive away from Manila.

But before that, let me just say that this was a Saturdya and we were supposed to check out but I begged begged BEGGED like a sorry little bitchpuppy because I still had so many things that are on my to-do list, people to meet and things to look for. I will try to detail those things as I could remember them because, as u are well aware, it has been more than a month since I got back from my vacation and still I am blogging about it. There’s just too many things to say and as always, I am backblogged.

Maybe I should consider BACKBLOGGED as the new title of this blog. Hmm…

Anyway, so here I am with my mum in Greenhills. In case u think I am a photo whore, I think the next snapshot will make u think again…

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I Just Can’t Get An Effing Break, Can I???

First, my website is hacked and now this.

I had this problem since the weekend and frankly, I have no idea what else I am supposed to do.

Is my website just generating bazillions of visits that I am getting sabotage all the time?!?!? I have to say that this is just disheartening. Updating this blog is not easy and to worry about things like these just takes the energy out of me.

Just a little background on this, whenever anyone visits my site, it says some Malware Bullshiz is on my site or is attacking my site and will attack ur computer crap…but I have referred to my server and they said that things are fine. It is just that the scripts on my ads and it is falsely recognised as Malwares.

I don’t even know what Malwares are but apparently, these are a big deal.

Point is, according to my server, things are fine. This message only pops up whenever u use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

In the future, try to use Internet Explorer because this warning sign doesn’t pop up when I use that.

Sigh! Is this happening because I am using Windows? Should I just switch to Apple or something?

If anyone knows how to fix this and prevent all this drama from happening, do drop me an email.


My Take On Fake Designer Bags

The reason why I stayed in the Elan Hotel is because it is close to the Greenhills Shopping Complex.

This place is known for the tiangge/stalls selling really nice stuff at bargain prices. I am not sure how else to put it but this is not the usual thrift market style that u would see elsewhere or in other countries but they have individual stalls in a fully a/c-ed venue so it is sort is not bad to go there and shop because it is cool and the prices are quite affordable.

I have been here before and I usually find good bargains on clothes, accessories and gadgets but what really strikes me is how many fake designer bags are there.

I was staying near this shopping place and during that time, most of the stalls were not there because there some sort of shuffle on where they are placed but they were back up again during the weekend.

While the shuffling was happening, these fake bag shops were there. All high and mighty, un-phased by the chaos of moving.

To tell u honestly, I’ve had a fake designer bag before. I can’t remember since it was back in my teen years (fossil age)  and that was when I didn’t know better.

My view on these fake goods is an insult to me, to the designers and the whole fashion industry.

I don’t care how much cheaper they are or how good their quality is but I believe that this is just wrong.

I mean look at this!

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Modeling On The Roof

After my continued exploration of Elan Hotel, I was able to get to this gate that says Top Deck.

I did mention that this is the most useful part of the hotel for me. Now this is why! LOL!!!

It was supposed to be locked I suppose but it was left open at that time and since I didn’t consider jumping off (just yet), I thought it would be harmless to just go there and do a little photo op.


I saw a better view of Manila but I think the view of myself is a lot better, noh?

I wore the outfit I wore when I flew from Brunei to Manila.

Let me have this moment of conceit alright?

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Accidentally Japanese

I was on my usual hunt for dinner in Manila one night. I was walking through the long strip of restaurants in Promenade, Greenhills where most of the restaurants I have eaten in…except this one.

It took me two back and forth walks to decide to just try it out.

Such a surprise for me that it was Japanese.

Teriyaki Boy, even though the name blatantly suggests it, is Japanese and didn’t even realise it until I sat down and looked at their menu.

No idea how good the restaurant was but I did see a celebrity in it…

…and no, I was not staring at a mirror.

Let’s try it out!!!

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