Month: December 2010

The Original Charice Pempengco

Just when everyone is reminiscing about the past year, I thought of reminiscing, too…but way way way back. I was talking to some of my friends on Facebook and one of them showed me this very old clip of Banig Roberto, the original Charice Pempengco. :)

The description on Youtube says…

Josephine Banig Roberto represented the Philippines in the International Star Search Competition hosted by Ed McMahon where she emerged as the Junior Vocalist Grand Champion for her rendition of Chuck Jackson hit ” Anyday Now ” in Los Angeles, California in 1989. Soonafter her Star Search victory, she guested on the Arsenio Hall Show, making her the first Filipina singer to guest in an American TV show.

Such an amazing talent. I am youtube-ing a few more videos of her and at such a young age, she sure is a fire cracker.

Takes me way back to the Star Search days…the original American Idol.

On that note, I also remembered this dancing group Four Boys And A Babe. They had the same dance moves every time they performed but of course, they are cute so they get away with it. When I watched then, they never ever lost and always got perfect scores.

Here are two videos for u.

Watch after the jump…

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Charity Begins At Home

Last month, there has been a lot of talk on the twitterverse regarding an Open Day & Charity Bazaar to help save SMARTER Brunei. So, being the charitable being that I am instantly thought of helping out so first thing I did was grab all of my shirts that are oversized which I don’t use, the bags that I have overused and some accessories that I should not use and give it up for sale talk to my aunt and forced her to give me some stuff she didn’t need anymore.

Can u see the halo on top of my head yet???

After a few days of nagging I was able to get some books from her which I donated to SMARTER to sell in their own booth. They were kind enough to ask if I would like a percentage of the sales but I kindly declined.

See what I donated after the jump…

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Funeral Etiquette

I just had to spell check that second word. I don’t want spelling Nazis to be all over my ass.

Anyway, I hesitated to post this because I didn’t want to be rude but I think I waited long enough and it is about time to share another one of my major bimbo moments with all of u. Although quite frankly, I think it was out of politeness that I asked.

So I heard that my friend’s grandpa passed away. I let her know my condolences as soon as I heard about it. We have a common friend who knows her a lot more than I do and she was nice enough to let me know that our friend’s grandpa’s funeral mass was on before they head on to the cemetery for the final burial rites.

I think this story is better told with our tiny sms conversation.

Friend: Where are u?

Me: Home. Having lunch. Why?

Friend: Today’s is our friend’s grandpa’s mass. Aren’t u coming? I am here now.

Me: I don’t know if I should.

Friend: Why?

Me: Aren’t u supposed to get invitations for that?

Actually, my friend responded with something that I am not sure if I could post here. To put it simply, she called me an idiot and made me go.

Well, now that I know that u don’t need an invite I definitely went.

It was a sad event and what’s even sadder for me is that everyone who knows me in the mass told me “Why on earth would u need an invite for a funeral???”

I was like, “I don’t know. It is not like I go to funerals all the time. I only go to mine.”

I think at this point they really have given up on me. What I mean is that I think I have only been to funerals where one of my family members pass away or when my parents, uncles or aunties or whoever is older tag us along to go to one.

Well, at least now I know. I am waiting for my next idiotic question.

It will come soon…I am sure.

Pyjama Party!!!

A couple of months ago, I was invited to my friend’s birthday party and it is a Pyjama Party.

I love themed parties. Well, only if I have something to wear and everyone is up for it. U don’t want people feeling out of place whenever there is a theme. Imagine walking in a costume party and being the only one actually wearing one. It is either u stand out or u’re the freak. I would much rather be the former really. LOL!!!

Anyway, the venue was set in the celebrant’s place and to get ur party on is quite difficult. I think from the photo after the jump, u will understand why.

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I Am So Not Vain




That title is just giving me gas.

Just to clarify, I never really considered myself vain (shut up!). I know the numerous posts on facials that I’ve posted (and some more coming) and really I just want to keep myself healthy. It doesn’t only mean that I am sickness-free but also having a holistic being, means looking good and feeling good.

I think what I said just didn’t help my case but what I want is to be called a less mean word.

Besides, with what I have to work with, I really need to put in the extra effort to look the way I do.

Now this is the part where u say how cute u think I am.

Anyway, I tweeted a few weeks back on how I dropped over a hundred bucks in an hour just on some moisturisers and I just wanted to share with u the things that I am using.

Like for instance the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion (photo above). This is my first time to use this actually but I though that it smelled really nice. Not so greasy and is absorbed well by the skin. Besides, who doesn’t want to smell like u want to bite urself?

See what else I bought after the jump…

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Kitaro, iPad and a Phallic Symbol

If u still do not know how much I lurve Japanese food, then I think u need to be shot!

I have been to Kitaro Japanese Restaurant for quite a number of times now. Numerous photos after, it still didn’t make it to my blog. So many things are happening to me that I want to blab about and yet that doesn’t get to the top of my list…at least until now.

I was in this restaurant a few weeks ago to celebrate my friend’s birthday so naturally there were a few of us. Usually, I would be dining alone or with a friend so being with a few more people is a nice change.

So LOL-ing at this photo. They all look so uncomfortable with their nervous smiles. Mwahahahaha! I suppose they assume that this will end up posted here. The pressure…

First let me talk about the place. In my opinion, this is the best looking Japanese resto here in Brunei. It is leaning towards fine dining and the ambiance is quite classy. All wood furnishings which I think keeps it interesting. It is just like how I see restaurants in Japan…at least in the movies.

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This One Is For The Ladies: HerbaLine

I went to Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia a few weeks ago with a friend. I wasn’t scheduled for a facial then but I introduced my friend to Herbaline and she lurves their facial service. Affordable and perfect for ladies’ skin.

I don’t go to this place anymore since they do not have the services that my face requires. Men’s skin is a little different and my skin needs a little more work much like the concrete works that the Department of Public Works are currently doing on most Brunei Roads. I need peels and dermabrasions usually to get rid of the dead skin cells and they unfortunately don’t have that.

Anyway, for the girls out there who have sensitive skin and wants herbal and natural treatment for their skin, this is a good place for ur facial treatments.

I got this excerpt from a website while I was searching for their details…

Herbaline Beauty Spa offers a wide variety of beauty and spa treatments by professionally trained beauty therapists. Treatments include face and skin treatments, body treatments, non-surgical face lifting, natural skin lightening, foot spa, fish foot therapy, eye treatment, dead cells removal and many more.

They offer a wide range of spa packages at truly affordable prices. The Herbaline Spa uses products with all natural ingredients from Germany, France and Japan, as well as herbs and plant extracts gathered from the rainforests around Asia. The products are specially formulated for Asian skin and are manufactured in Taiwan using the latest Nano technology.

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Mondo’s Magic

I went to the TechExpo 2010 last month which is what this post was supposed to be about but when I got there, was I damn bored. I was expecting something that I would see in Japanese Expos where I see innovations like talking robots or spray on sunnies or cars that can parallel park themselves…at least the things that are interesting for bimbos like me.

I was let down. I think my outfit was more interesting than the expo. No offense.

I am a big fan of Project Runway. I am not artistic as some of u might assume nor am I creative so I try to absorb all that I can from shows like this. At that time, the show’s winner was announced and it was such a wrong decision. The runner-up however, Mondo Guerra, was more deserving in my view (also Heidi Klum’s btw). He mixes patterns like nobody’s business and frankly, his designs were unique, exciting, crazy and genius.

Here is his collection during the finale episode.

Come on, it was bordering on crazy but he has the eye to just make it work.

So, despite his loss, I was celebrating his rise to the top by trying to mix up my wardrobe and find the prints that I could wear. This is the most that I could find for a fully-printed outfit and though I did get some weird stares, I think I was able to pull off the look.

What do u think???

More photos after the jump…

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How I Get By Where It Is Dry…

Yeah. It rhymes. It took me three title changes before I got to that one. Genius!!!

Remember when I had to give up my truck a few months ago, well, right before I passed it on to its new owner, I decided to have a mini celebration for the good times it brought me.

And this would probably answer questions about how I get by being in a “dry” country.

Well, first off. I am not a drunkie. I am the person who can barely hold his drink and when I do get smashed, trust me, it ain’t pretty.

Anyway, moving on. To prepare for the celebration, I had to get some drinks and since there is no liquor in Brunei, going across the border to Kuala Lurah, Malaysa get some is what most people do. It is not far, around thirty minutes drive from the city.

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