Month: January 2011

At Least She Is Making Headlines

Venus Williams may not be winning any of the Grand Slams like she used to but still she is making headlines!!!

Take a look at her “Alice in Wonderland” outfit, as she dubs it.

Yes, that’s her tennis, on-the-court outfit.

As she put it…

“Yeah, don’t laugh. But it’s kind of about a surprise, because when Alice goes down the hole, the rabbit hole, she finds all these things that are so surprising.

“This outfit is about having a surprise in tennis a dress, and kind of, you know, showing some skin and then just having a print. Prints don’t happen that often in tennis. So it’s called the Wonderland dress. It was fun.”

Staring at this outfit, it somehow makes me want a shepherd’s pie.

Two more photos after the jump..

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A Peek Into The Bimbo’s Future

So I was having this very quiet Saturday afternoon in Starbucks in Kota Kinabalu and minding my own business, this guy sat beside me. Not exactly beside me but there was a glass separating both of us. I was staring which I can afford since I was wearing my huge sunnies. I kept on looking and looking and looking…then it hit me. Could this be me???

Both of us wearing huge sunnies to cover our faces…Check!!!

He was wearing a white vintage top. I was wearing a vintage top.

He was wearing cringe inducing short shorts. I was wearing one, too.

He had a bag. I had a bag. His was a fanny pack but it is close.

Brightly coloured footwear. We both had it on.

It was freaky!!! I can imagine if we have a television shot of a before and after, with the glass separating both of us, the resemblance might be uncanny.

I just dismissed the idea because it was too odd so I just kept on staring and I saw one more thing that sealed the comparison.

Can u figure it out???

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Coping The Way I Know Best

I know that I should be grieving but I’ve said it in the numerous shout outs in this blog, writing has been really therapeutic for me. It calms me down, helps me reminisce plus it keeps me at home instead of searching for something to spend on. So excuse me while I continue on with how I cope best.

Oh btw, I am referring to blogging although what I will write about is a very close second.

So here I am fulfilling my wish of shopping until my credit card cries foul for this trip and I am doing just that.

First thing I saw when I walked in Centre Point Sabah
was a mob of adoring fans were a lot of people.

Knowing full well that I hate it when there’s a crowd and people keep bumping into me, my friend (and most of the time, my conscience and financial adviser) brought me straight to Palm Square at the fourth floor.

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Remembering My Grand Dad

Been scouring for my photo pages for a while looking for photos to post here and I found this Christmas Photo that I had two years ago when I spent it in the Philippines. That’s all his grandchildren including myself and a few great grandchildren.

If u’ve been following me on twitter, u all know that I was in Miri, Malaysia yesterday and today and got a real shocker when I heard the news that my grand dad passed away. Apparently, I was the last to know as they’ve been calling me incessantly since this morning to no avail.

While I was basking in the warmth of dining in Starbucks al fresco, I decided to go online to kill time. I have not been on the computer for a while and decided to check on my Facebook when I saw a message from my brother to go online. I immediately did and when he told me the news, well it was me so I didn’t get it at first as it was a little bit confusing so my brother had to slow down and start over. When I did get the very sad news, I was already walking around the mall and shrieked a very loud and attention-grabbing OMG!!!

It took a few hours for the news to sink in. I don’t even know what to think but I know that I have little time and need to go home immediately. I will make arrangements first thing in the morning and hopefully, things will push through.

Actually, it was only after several when I started to reminisce about my grand dad who is a grand man. He is quite the joker himself. During my school days, with great thanks to my ultra fast typing fingers, I was tasked to transcribe his handwritings onto the computer. He never really likes using the computer and always writes on this huge yellow pad…he is old school that way. I think it was at that time that I knew what he did. At one point, he was writing to the ombudsman. I don’t even know what the hell that is.

When I was in the University, I got a call from him asking for me to get over there to get something typed for him. So we were in the family library and when I greeted him with a kiss, he asked me, “have u been drinking???” Well, it was one of those rare moments when I was asked to drink by my friends since it was graduation time. I did not utter a word since it was obvious that I did drink, and then he said in a much higher tone, “PLEASE TELL ME U WERE NOT DRINKING CHEAP LIQUOR!!!”

Actually, he was serious that time and I had a lecture on what I should and shouldn’t be drinking. I can’t remember most of what he said but not that I look back, I know I should’ve listened.

Since I have left the Philippines and came to work here in Brunei, we barely got to see each other. First few years I was here, we would see each other every time I was back home which was every couple of years. Recently, I’ve been going back to the Philippines more often but we never got to catch up because he is always in the US visiting other friends and relatives.

Whenever we talked, he would always ask me about work and of course, he always had something to say. We are in the same field (as I know) and being the well-respected man of the industry, I know I should be listening…taking notes even. And then somehow, he would insert the query of whether I snagged a Bruneian Royalty for a wife yet…plus how many kids I have as of now.

I am this close to paying actors to play the part, really. The question was unbearable.

Now that he is gone, I would give anything just to hear him ask me that again…hopefully not in a freaky anonymous phone call from the other side…but u guys know what I mean.

I will miss him dearly. Please send prayers along me and my family’s way.

Oh and I called my uncle this evening and he said that the last words my grand dad uttered were, “where are my great grand children from John Rey???”

I sure hope he is kidding!!!

I miss u, dad!!!

LV For RM68.90???

Now before I post the highlight of my trip, I would like to post this Louis Vuitton Blanket for a whopping RM68.90 million.

We were walking around the mall, me running like a headless chicken my friend pulled me aside and told me there was LV somewhere in the Mall. I was salivating as I wanted to see since from what I know, there isn’t one in Kota Kinabalu and this is what I saw…obviously for shits and giggles.

He is not my friend anymore.

Would u buy it???

My New Year’s Outfit

For some reason, I noticed that I haven’t posted any photos of myself in a while which is very very wrong on my part. I am sorry for having sinned. So here u go.

I am quite excited to be partying elsewhere for New Year’s. Like I said in earlier posts, I have never partied on the eve of a new year ever. Most usually, I am with family either here in Brunei or in the Philippines. I’ve never done NY with friends in a club partying so I am thrilled. I know it sound like I am fifteen although I really am, but I have to experience this sooner or later.

So my friends and I had a little dinner at his place and decided to party a little later. We had to be out by 10 otherwise, we won’t have a table in the bar.

He was partly right, we had to be early to get a table, but little did we know that early meant like 5 pm. That place was packed and we had to stand in the corner for a bit. Well, not exactly a corner because everyone kept passing my way and bumping into me.


I won’t tell u which places I went to because I have not some nice things to say and in case u were there in the same place and saw me making a fool of myself, at least I could deny and say it wasn’t me.

Anyway, they had a little emcee-ing going on which was a total snooze. That person didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. I can’t speak Malay but I could tell that people were bored. Even my Malaysian friends were bored!!! And they had a raffle draw which was so silly. People didn’t go there to win a hamper, god damn it! They went there to listen to loud music, shake their booties and have fun…and for some have a little bit more fun than others *wink wink*.

In my head, I was imagining a countdown with everyone screaming. Then people would start greeting each other on the strike of 12 and then queue in loud music and everyone dances ’til dawn. If someone breaks into a song and dance number of “we are family” circa 1979, so be it. No talking, just smiling and doing our best not to do the robot!

It was around 15 past 12 and finally the raffle draw was over. Someone won that hamper with Kellogg’s Cornflakes in it so someone will have a healthier start for the year…and we were finally dancing. Music was a little outdated but who cares, I had one beer about to pass out and happy.

I think we were there until 3 am. One of my friends was not in the mood because he almost got into a fist fight with some dude while I was in the toilet (why do I have to miss all the fun?!?!?) and was not feeling it. Unfortunately, he was the one driving.


Anyway, we
milked the most out of the remaining minutes that we had there and danced our asses off until we left the floor, went down the stairs and out of the club’s door.

I will never forget that night. Slow start but it was AWESOME!!!

As for my outfit, we Filiipnos have the superstition that we are supposed to do/wear on New Year anything that we would like to happen for the rest of the year. If we want to grow taller, we jump like frogs in a heated kettle. If we want to save money, we don’t spend the whole day of New Year’s. If we want more money, we wear polka dots as a sign of money.

For myself, I chose to wear this shiny, glittery, star-like thing on me.

More photos after the jump…

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How Cute Is This???

Now I have not seen this anywhere else so when I saw it, I just had to snap a photo!!!

Oh btw, if u were expecting puppies, cats or unicorns here, well too bad u cannot find that here.

But these things are quite clever really. It combines the reusability of a plastic Coca Cola bottle with the environment-friendliness of that in a can.

I didn’t buy one as I am still full from me food frenzy earlier.

Btw, I am blogging from Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia Starbucks (Bintang Plaza Branch) and I am super tired. I have a long way back and will see if I could still hit the gym.

Remembering that the diet starts today, I did not get a slice of cake…no no, not two slices. I am sans dessert this time. Just a Ventie Caramel Frappuccino, Coffee-based and no whip cream.

I am proud of myself and I think I should celebrate with a cheese cake!!!


Shit!!! Major fail!!!

The Closest I Could Get To Italy

I hope that is not true, though. But for now this will do.

The moment I arrived in Kota Kinabalu, I immediately had to fill my hungry tummy with something good, still with the same friend, he brought me to Little Italy.

My friend tells me he frequents this place a lot and when I got back, people here are asking me if I passed by here. Must be something good and it did not disappoint.

U know the drill, I show u the photos of the place then I show u what I ate.

Predictable I know. Next time I will rate the place according to how good-looking the wait staff are.

Join me???

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Diet Starts TODAY!!!

Now before I continue on to becoming America’s Next Top Model talking about my trip, I would just like to announce to the world that as of yesterday, I am on diet.

I am serious this time. And to help me out, I am using Hydroxycut Advanced.

Get rid of that judgmental look!!! I didn’t buy this but it is part of the goodie package I won from when I won the Les Mills Marathon last month.

I thought it was ironic, at first, that the people who won are supposed to be the fittest so they wouldn’t need this, right???


I think they foresaw that the people who work the hardest would the ones who would pack on the most holiday baggage, so this now comes in quite handy.

Very clever!!!

I, so far, have followed the instructions. I am not sure what it really does but I ate fairly alright today. Did not overeat which is a good thing. Very minimal dinner and I am not hungry which probably means it curbs ur appetite.

However, thinking about it, my mouth has not chewed anything for so long I just want to shove a big cheesecake down my throat.

I am following instructions to the letter but to have this for 10 weeks straight, I will have to decide a lot later.

The instructions are after the jump…

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