Month: February 2011


I recently shopped in Face Shop. Don’t ask what I got but if u spend above S$30, u get these freebies. Any higher amount spent, then u would get more. But since I am as poor as a chimp (and also look like one), I would have to settle for these.

Lookie lookie…

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So It Has Begun

Following my big announcement, I knew that I would have to meet with a love of people to bid my farewell…in every little way that I can.

So here is my first farewell thing, having coffee with Orchidrow.

We met a while back and I have to say that it was a pleasure meeting with her. Though it is only our second time to sit down for a little chit chat, I feel like we’ve known each other forever. Besides, she is the first one to ask me out since my announcement and I would be happy to gossip with her a little bit.

As per usual, I am scouring my closet for what to wear as I always claim to not knowing what to put on my back so I came up with an all pink ensemble.

While waiting for her to dry her hair (her words, not mine), I did a little photo whoring whoring while I dried my hair, too.

More after the jump…

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Bimbo’s Post Christmas Gift

I think it is quite obvious that I am a little big on skin care. It might not be obvious given that I have mediocre skin but really…can u imagine what my face would look like without “help”???

I remember my friend telling me, “Ur face is a product of science!!!”


I replied with my favourite vanity phrase, “At this time and age, if u are ugly, IT IS UR FAULT!!!”

Anyway, here is a post Christmas gift from…errr…a reader. I don’t think this person would be okay with revealing his/her identity but let me go out on a limb and say thank u!!!

And I lurve gifts so keep them coming.

Find out what’s inside the bag…

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Did u know that Kaizen means improvement or change for the better?

I have known that for a while and I thought I would take the opportunity to act all knowingly and be self-assertive. One of the rare occasions, as always.

Anyway, being the Japanese food lover that I am, u would expect that I would be scouring Brunei for all Jap dishes that I could find which brings us to this post.

I have been to Kaizen Sushi Restaurant for a number times and yet I never get to write anything about it. Maybe I am just not that crazy about this place.

With that mentioned and inasmuch as their name suggests amelioration, I would suggest that they expand their space. I was trying so hard to catch a good shot of the place but it was too cramped. This is the only decent one I got.

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Sorry for the spew of music videos. U all know I don’t really watch that much tv and youtube has been very instrumental in helping me catch up with a lot of things.


I think it blows that she doesn’t seem to have any versatility in her music, but she does know what the people want and I like this one!

Here is Ke$ha’s new music video for “Blow“. Lurve lurve lurve this song and this makes me want to buy a top down and have this on full blast.

What I would be wearing is a totally different question.

And to the kids who are reading this, James Van Der Beek was the star of Dawson’s Creek way way back.

Where U At???

Finally, something new from Jennifer Hudson. Watch her ” Where U At” video above.

I think the video is quite bad. I saw her in the recent Grammys and she looked better there.Why she insists on doing all these slow motion, walking beside some body of water, emotional type of music videos. Do u think by any chance she was a deprived swimmer as a kid???

She also did a live performance on Ellen which is a lot better than this video.

See after the jump…

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Earlier this week, I was kidnapped by my friends and whisked me away straight from work. I hate last minute trips and I would gladly sue them for this but what the hell, I was dropping hints at me leaving for good so I think it was a nice gesture.

Anyway, this is me being fabulously kidnapped.

I have to say that I like these pants riding higher than usual. Makes me look slimmer and taller so people take note!

I am wearing Dean and Kent Shirt (???), Maldita Pants, Fossil Watch, LV Bag and my fave for now white Sueño Espadrilles.

Every kidnapped person would always be punished this was mine.

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Gotta Have Friends

Having announced my news last night, my friends immediately rushed to my side for a little chit chat and bonding.

Well, not exactly that, they found out I was sipping on rum and coke alone and since they are alcohol-thirsty bastards, they rushed to my house. Oh that my friend right there is a bit heartbroken.

Human beings!!!

I got buzzed with my second glass and they felt nothing. Talk here and there. Catching up, advice, laughter and a little bickering and our night was complete.

We wanted to capture what was left of our night.

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Bimbo’s Big Announcement

To be honest, this is one of the rare moments when I am quite lost for words. I am not sure how to begin but like every other post that I have done, I will just wing and just pray to the Gucci gods that u understand the gibberish that I am about to spew.

Here goes.

No wait, let me just track back a bit.

Being a Filipino in another country has been difficult. I remember coming here just right after finishing my degree, I knew no one and didn’t even go out. I was locked up in my room entertaining myself by dancing to Ashanti’s Rock Wit Ya pretending that I was in a sunny beach with every beach goer shaking their booty to every note I release…from my mouth, of course. I actually turned white since my skin was never touched by daylight.

Though my powers of persuasion were strong, mostly working only on myself, it was terribly sad. Then again, I have to suck it up. I was here for a reason and that was to work and enhance my career.

Things got a little better eventually. I started playing tennis and started to gain new friends and since then things was looking up for me socially. There is work still, hectic as hell but outside of it, things were bright and sunny. Friends never stopped pouring in and for that I consider myself blessed.

Eventually, I got tired of playing tennis because of the bitches who were old enough to have invented the game, I moved on to socialising in the gym. I didn’t gain many friends there but still, I got to meet a lot of other people. Then there are also the parties, the coffee, the random night outs and the occasional out of the country trips. It was all fun.

And then of course, work was still there.

I felt like I had too much time in my hands and too many thoughts in my head, so I then started blogging. Gaining more friends, knowing more people and getting humbling compliments would be a highlight of my daily cyber life…which is where I am now.

And then there was work.

My point is, in all the (mostly) ups of my life here in Brunei, the only thing that is keeping me here is work. No matter what happened, my work was still there and no matter what I do, if I wanted to stay here, I had to work.

There are so many things that this blogged has helped me cope with. Initially, I did it for fun, then it became therapeutic, then it became a responsibility. I am still amazed at how many people read here and forever will I be thankful.

When blogging was still therapeutic, I was struggling with finding myself and what I really wanted to do with my life. It happens especially at my age when sometimes, u wish ur purpose was to fill the cavities of the underworld but since I am still breathing, I need to struggle.

I feel like I am going in circles and it seems like there is no end to this so I will just say it…after the jump.

I just love this cliffhanger effect. Mwahahahaha!!!

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Another Embarrassing Moment

It has been a while since I have been to the gym.

Well, it feels like it because I used to go everyday and now, I go sporadically and eat like I am about to be shot the next day.

Anyway, so I ate two lunches yesterday and I felt horrible. Was thinking of skipping the gym then but I felt just so guilty. Besides, I am planning to go overseas sometime soon and it would be a nightmare if I had “excess baggage”.

Point is, it was not planned and was really not in the mood since my gym stuff I left in the office.

So, sans my original exercise things, I had to scour my shoes and see if I have anything to use…and found these. I bought these when I went to Dubai and I kind of missed using these. Very light Reeboks perfect for running around. I knew I was going to attend a cardio class anyway since I was not in the mood.

Someone ordering me to jump around is a lot motivating than just trying to push myself on the treadmill…which is where I end up picking lingering because that’s where HBO is showing.

So there I was in the gym, doing my best to sweat my two earlier meals and then this happened…

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