Month: February 2011

Pulling The “I AM A BLOGGER” Card

In one of those random trips to Miri, I was walking around Bintang Plaza and I know this place quite well. Not exactly well, I still have trouble getting around it but I do know enough to know when there is a new store in the building so I was quite happy to see this store.

It is called the Tee house and I have to say that it is quite inviting.

So I went in and checked it out and was quite happy with what I saw. I wanted to take photos but I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to do so…


…I talked the shop lady and I said, “Hi! My name is John Rey and I am a blogger.

And just like that, she was quite happy to have me look around and take photos like crazy.

I never ever thought that I would ever use those words and I am not even a big deal blogger so it was embarrassing to say it out loud.

Well, whatever! At least I got the photos.

Take a look inside the Tee House

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Graffi Tee

Totally forgot about this. When I went to The Tee House, they gave me this brochure of Graffi Tee, a line of clothes that they carry.

Quite cute, really.

Take a look!!!

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For more of Graffi Tee, visit their website here.

Enjoy staring!!!

How I wish I look this great while playing with my own tab.

Blaming My Cousin

My cousin was int he country to visit. He was in and out for a month and for the times that he was here, we did nothing but eat.

I was looking at my photos from last month and I cannot help but notice how much weight I’ve put on and it is all his fault.

He grew up here in Brunei anyway so there was no place that he hasn’t seen. So we were left with nothing to do but eat. And my aunt and uncle, knowing well that lurve eating out, I was tasked to pick the places where we were supposed to go.

Just a warning, the following post will be food photos. If u are skinnier than I am, and chances tell me that u are, do stare at them and torture urselves.


Something like that…

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As if this trip wasn’t enough, I went back for a second round.

This time, I didn’t get to buy anything. I am trying to remember why but I am placing my bets on “I was broke”.

The things I would do for a cup of Starbucks, though.

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Channeling Celine Dion

All by myself for a good day. I went to Miri, Malaysia  alone just for shits and giggles.

Doing a little adventure on my own is a little empowering and pathetic sad at the same time. I didn’t have any appointments for a facial then as it was in the middle of the month and definitely nothing in my business itinerary. Not even one thing in my shopping list so I was walking around like a headless chicken then.


So here I am on my own seeking something to do.

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And This Little Piggy Goes To The Market!

I know there are a lot of things that I don’t do or fail to remember that I have done and this will probably one major one.

I have never been to the wet market here in Brunei and I went there last year since my friends tagged me along.

I do not know what to say about it but there was a lot of seafood. I am not a seafood person…unless it is Japanese, of course.

See what I found.

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Taking A Big Step

It is quite ironic after proclaiming how I hate walking on a previous blog and just like that, today, I am car-less and looking at a new change in my life.

It is a long and very complicated story but I have to say that I have been very unhappy the past few months.I cannot just pinpoint it but I am not used to feeling like this.

I feel like an old fart trying to educate the youth but there comes a point in ur life when u just have to make tough decisions. It may seem like u keep on coming to a crossroad after crossroad, but really it just means that u are lingering.

Well, now, I am going to take a leap of faith, take a deep breath, suck in my gut and say what is in my heart. I just need to be free and get away from it all. I cannot take it anymore and it is just killing me inside.

I am not even sure where I am going after this but I know that I have to do this.

I am not going to elaborate and u can take it with a grain of salt or try to figure out how this applies to u but I will try to update again tomorrow.

I know I am not making any sense. Just blame it on the rum and coke in my hand…

…or just consider myself having a literary stroke.

Bimbo’s Version of Extreme Sports

Even the bimbo gets sick, u know. This was just last month and when my aunt was sick, I think she passed it on to me. It has always been the case. My defence is not as strong…much like defence from fighting the urges to spend on clothes.

Anyway, one night when I was asleep all day, I woke up uber hungry and desperate for soup. To my surprise, someone was blocking my car out the garage so I was stuck at home. I couldn’t bother anyone to take me out for my little craving so I decided to do it old school…I walked.

It was raining and late but I wanted to walk to Gadong from my place which I thought was not that far. I just need my soup fix!!!

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Best Things Come In Three’s

This post is long overdue and it was a good thing I saw the photos in my vault.

Last month, I was invited by Señor Pablo to his huge ass humble abode for a little catch up since it has been a while since we sat down for a little chit chat. Though it seemed like it was not long ago since we sat down for coffee.

That is me in his Arabian-inspired receiving area. I sure hope I got the inspiration right.

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