Month: March 2011

Bimbo’s Saturday Madness

This is a very delayed post as this happened a couple of weeks ago. As u may know, I have been running here and there trying to meet as many people as I can before I leave. It is overwhelming to see the people who care and will miss me…so they say. LOL!!!

Anyway, a couple of Saturdays ago, I had three places to be and to be able to do that I needed to dress appropriately without being soiled and try to keep my energy up for the rest of the night.

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Dum Dee Dum Dee Doo

It is really coming near, so for the last time, it is lunch with my musically and choreographically (???) inclined friends. These are my friends who work either in a music or dance school and I am wishing that for this lunch at Misato, their talents will rub off on to me. 😛

We also share the same passion for…

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The Bimbo Reminisces

Going through tonnes of my stuff, while packing, I decided to snap some photos of the things that interested me. It was hard now to go “ooohhh” and “aaahhh” which pretty much slowed down the whole process.

Anyway, here are some stuff that I found interesting. Above is a card from my cousin which I pretty much thinks wants me to commit suicide.

Look at her “lovely” message inside…

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Eight Years Of My Life

With all the packing that I’ve been doing lately, the time has come for me to send some of my stuff back home. I cannot believe that I could fit all the things I have hoarded over the past eight years into these boxes. Well, at least half of it. I have a box left which will be sent off right on the day that I am about to leave. It will take three weeks for these boxes to reach home so I needed to send some ahead of time. It is hard as it is now because for the weeks coming, I have not accessorised nor have I worn anything out of the liberty of choice since I only have a quarter of what I own left here.

No scarf? No necklace? No brooch? No bowties? Might as well go out naked, noh?

On the above photo, I was trying to crack a nice smile while I write my home address in the Philippines, but deep inside, I was tearing up, waving my hands and arms in disgust.

Imagine the look on my face when I saw them do this…after the jump.

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Bimbo At The Go Karts

With my departure looming near, I am really trying as hard as I can to finish up on all the posts that I have pending with regards to the things I have been doing lately. Being the procrastinator that I am, it would mean that finishing all of it would just be impossible.

Anyway, I think I heard that Jerudong Park has recently re launched itself and it made me remember about my recent trip to Jerudong Park. And by recent, I mean like four months ago. It was just one of those random night outs with nothing else to do and my friend decided that we go to the park and go for the rides. Nothing really interested me there since I am not the adrenaline junkie that my friends are.

My version of riding a roller coaster as of recent is trying to cross a three lane freeway. Same rush and with my imagination, the end result will have my face smashed either way.

So somehow, we ended up going to the Go Karts. I have never done this before here nor anywhere so I was excited.

Well, excited is a little bit of an overstatement because I was agitated having to wait my turn. So I just posed away for shits and giggles.

I am wearing a Ninoy Aquino shirt and Top Man Skinnies. This is one of those days when I am just so lazy to even think of what to wear so I look like a lazy ass, gym rat with leather shoes on.

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Bimbo Moment At The Pre Twestival Event

To be fair to myself and to the hideousness of this photo, it was taken right after the dinner so naturally, my belly is bloated like a freaking blowfish…stick a pin in me and poof!!!

Anyway, I went to the Pre Twestival Event held in Kitaro Japanese Restaurant last Tuesday. It was held right before the Main Twestival Event last Thursday in Swensens.

I was dead late and it was a little embarrassing to walk in and greeted by people who are dressed up from Star Wars or something. Although, with the outfit costume that I was wearing, I bet they thought I was one of them…based on the chinese-inspired top might be from Mulan or based on how messed up my face was, I could be Golum.

*insert cartoon sound effects here*

More after the jump…

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The Bimbo in Twestival Brunei!!!

I have been around the blogosphere and twitterverse for quite some time now and being invited to attend Twestival Brunei is such an honour. I was in the Pre Twestival Brunei Gathering as well but that one is for later.

Twestival Brunei according to Twestival Website


TWESTIVAL BRUNEI – In support of the Child Development Centre, proudly supported by Swensens and Kitaro Japanese Restaurant, Brunei.

Twestival (or Twitter Festival) Brunei will take place on 24 March 2011 at Swensens, The Mall, Gadong from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. This evening of social media events aims to raise funds and awareness for a good cause and is a part of the official Twestival global event via the social media platform, Twitter. Across the world on the same day, Twestivals armed with the same aim will take place. In Brunei, our good cause is the Child Development Centre.

Being the charitable person I pretend to be am, I am glad to be able to take part in this offline gathering of twitter lurves especially for a good cause. Even greater joy for me to see people who I have conversed with on twitter and a few more who recognised me from my rants here and there.

Freaks me out one time or the other when someone comes up to me. It is either they’ve read what I have spewed all over the internet…or my mono look is just hard to miss. Hahaha!

Read more after the jump…

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Bimbo Having Anything To Do With Nature

If u think I am going on another hiking trip like last time, then I think ur bumped ur head on to a “u do not know me at all” wall.

There are so many things that I always wanted to try out before I go out and exit from Brunei so when my friend asked me out for drinks, I hopped on to the opportunity and forced suggested that we go to this place that I always pass by near that plant market in Rhimba.

It is called Hadfa Enterprise Restaurant. The name does not say much but it is quite hard to miss with that huge signage they have by the roadside.

So we went in and the bridge alone was saying that this would be quite interesting. Well, not only because it was fit for a grand entrance but with my yacking about how my shoes will get wet was another attraction.

Anyway, take a look inside…

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What Would I Miss In Brunei???

I was asked by TalkingAloudBru once about the things that I will miss here in Brunei. My departure from this country is coming, seven days left to be exact, and it started to dawn on me that…I really cannot think of any. Not that I will not be sad to leave but there are so many for me to consider that it is so difficult for me to zoom in on one thing will cause data overload on this delicate and pure brain of mine.

He also asked me to do a podcast on it, which I still do not know how to do, the things that I will miss. I wanted to keep it interesting and funny but damn it, it is so difficult. So I just went with the obvious and boring but still doesn’t make it any less true.

I will so miss the FOOD!!!

I do not know why I am not so big on Filipino dishes *ducking for any tomatoes my compatriots are throwing at me* but somehow the local food here in Brunei appeals to me. Maybe it is the spices or something but I do love it.

And now here I am in the place where it cannot get any more local…find out after the jump.

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Going Away Gift Ruined

 My camera is so crappy. Up until now I cannot find my SD card for my DSLR so I am using my old point-and-shoot. Not that it would improve how I take photos but that way, I can only blame my own incompetency.

Anyway, so here I am wearing the bag that I got as a gift after the hours of begging, screaming and crying from one of my friends from Indonesia, Citria. Reminds me well of the Mulberry Alexa except made of faux leather. It is a sling bag which I am seeing how convenient these are.

So anyway, I was whore-ing it out in the mall carrying it out like no one’s business and it was amazing. Having to walk without holding on to anything is liberating! And as u all may know, I am going car-less for the remaining days of Brunei so I braved the streets and travelled on foot. I have never done this before until lately and was trying to figure out shortcuts to get home (around 20 mins walk away) and I saw this really tiny hill which I think is a quicker way for me to get home.

So I took it and strangely without complaints because I was wearing my ever reliable ankle boots. A few steps more and BAM…I slipped and fell. I was able to hold on to something so the ground didn’t get to kiss my fat, dimply ass. But when I got up, the straps of my bags were pulled and instantly broken.


So much for the gift. I think I will just turn it into one of those oversized cluthes like I saw in the recent Paris Fashion Week.

Better WERQ!


One more photo after the jump…

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