Month: April 2011

Brunei Hotel-ing

My invasion of places that I have never been before has never ended. Naturally, Brunei Hotel had to be part of that since I heard that it was recently renovated plus I heard a lot of good things about the restaurant.

It is quite obvious from my posts that I pay special detail to the look or ambiance of a place where I eat. I am not a fussy pussy but I do give credit where credit is due.

I am quite amazed at what the restaurant looks like…after the jump.

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Right after my Brunei Hotel Dinner, I had to go straight to Manjaro for my coffee session with friends.

At this point my ass is like a white plastic ping pong ball going here and there.

My drink order…after the jump.

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Mall Photo Op

Coming from Mangrove, I had to go straight to the Mall for a little catch up with my friends…my musically inclined friends.

It was a little unnerving because we were in the foodcourt plus we were noisy and taking photos.

A lot lot more after the jump…

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After Party At The Mangrove

I know I know. I promised and it has been more than a week.

Enough of the apologies. U know the routine, I am busy, I am sorry, I miss u and u miss me and I am back. End of story.

Anyway, as I said in my previous post, I will clear out my posts when I was still back in Brunei. It is my version of torturing myself of how much I miss Brunei while I am struggling back here in the Philippines.

Right after my party in Empire Hotel, we woke up and decided to look for a place to have lunch. We thought of so many places but since at that time I was about to leave, I really wanted to go to the restaurants that I have not tried out. So I asked about this place that I heard about in Kota Batu and apparently, all of my friends have heard about it as well.

After an hour long of driving and asking around, phone calls and asking random strangers on the street we finally got to the Mangrove Paradise Resort.

Before I go on, that photo above is a candid shot, ok? Get off my back…and here is another one!!!

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Serenity Missed

Before I begin, I would like to say that it took me days to upload this bloody photo so putting “serenity” for its blog title has lost all its meaning to me. This is the view from the hotel room where we had a weekend party and it was beautiful.

I know it has been almost a week since my last post and it is such an understatement for me to say that things have been really crazy so looking at this photo is a quick reminder that things will never be the same for me. From the loud mouths of the holy trinity that is my aunt, my grandma and my mum, the dirt and grim of our house, unpacking, meeting people and explaining why I left Brunei, this photo is a keepsake of something that I will never have for the coming weeks.

It was totally insane for me to think that I will be bored with nothing to do now that I am jobless.

Obviously, I am now in the Philippines but let me indulge in the country that I will miss dearly and clear out all my posts from what happened to Brunei until the day I left.

Just to let u in on a little something from home, early morning…our room was on fire.

Now how many crazy people can say that?!?!?!