One Brunei!!!

Let’s take a break from all the fashion talk for a while and be part of history…that said as if I am not taking my sweet time posting on Philippine Fashion Week that happened like a month ago!!!

Anyway, if u’re a faithful follower of this blog for a while and why wouldn’t u be, u may have seen my feature in Projek Brunei being the superstar that I am a few months back. It was a huge deal for me since no one ever takes notice of me and let’s be honest, I kind of liked the attention.

On June 19th, Projek Brunei is turning one year older and to celebrate, it plans to make history by making #OurBrunei a trending topic on Twitter and I am inviting everyone to be part of it!

This Sunday from 8:00 to 8:30 pm, let’s start tweeting with the hashtag #OurBrunei including our positive messages of Brunei Darussalam. As for me, being away from Brunei, I will be tweeting sweet memories of the country and as fun-filled it is for me back here in the Philippines, I do miss the country of hidden treasure (I sure hope I got that tagline right…or was it pleasure???).

So everyone, I will see u on twitterverse this Sunday and be part of something huge!

For those who aren’t following me on twitter yet, u are all losers u can follow me here. Do follow @bruneitweet as well. He is the person behind Projek Brunei and smart enough to see the inner superstar in me.

See u Sunday!!!

Oh btw, if u haven’t seen my feature on Projek Brunei yet, lust over it here and also what I said about it here. Make sure to see how many people in the comments love me…LOL!!!

Oxygen Clothing: Black Mania

While I was watching the Oxygen Line for Philippine Fashion Week, I kept on hearing Nina Garcia like a conscience saying that an “all black line is bland”…or at least something to that effect but I have to say that even then, I totally disagree.

Whenever I want to wear something a little out there, I always opt to make my colour scheme a dark. I think that takes the edge off though I do kind of tip toe on the line of becoming a little wacky. There is something about black that bring down any outfit a notch, turn it into simple elegance.

Take a look at Oxygen’s collection and this being the first show I attended, I am quite amazed. I would totally wear a lot of their clothing!!! That first piece alone had my name all over it!!!

More photos after the jump…

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