At The Wedding Reception

…and up next is fat camp.

But before that, I would like to set the record straight and for other bloggers or photography enthusiasts out there, especially if u are only starting out, it really doesn’t matter how expensive ur camera is, if u don’t know how to use it, u will take crappy pictures.

Unfortunately for me, this is the case. I am not boasting of having a bazillion dollar camera (I got a Canon D55 or 550. I just know there are two 5′s there)  but with the stiff price I paid for it, I was hoping that I would get decent photos without effort. Bimbo me!!!

Anyway, these are the photos that I took of the reception. Quite crappy if u ask me and the photo above is the best photo I got so that u will have an idea of what the reception was like.

It was divine as usual. We were in the sand and under the tents. It was unfortunately drizzling a bit but the venue still was very elegant.

They even had an area where the kids could play. I saw colouring books there, too, which made me wanna sit there and play with myself.

I mean by myself. BY MYSELF!

So cute because I was trying to pull up this kid’s top to keep from showing her bitty parts but she just didn’t care. I think I now know what people mean when being a kid is just the life that everyone wants.

Of course, the same people I was with were there.

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And the food…OH MAN THE FOOD. I was actually bitching insisting on knowing what was on the menu. I am not picky really but I am allergic to most seafood so I am worried. When the bride said that I should not worry about the food choices, I didn’t imagine that it would be this much. The buffet table practically surrounded the whole venue. And it is not like it was the same food on one side as the other, it was different all around it!!!

Crazy!!! Here are some of the photos I took of them.

Ok that didn’t look like a lot but I was really distracted by the desserts. Just trust me that there was a wide array of foods.

Here’s what I was able to gorge in my ill-fitting outfit.

This one here is a Filipino delicacy. I forgot what those are called. But that white thing is like sticky rice with sugar (keyword is “like”) and then that brown round thing is someone’s penis a fried banana wrapped in that wrapper that u use when u fry. Then there’s that cookie hiding under all those.

Damn…I so cannot be a cook or food blogger!!! Loud and clear!!!

Oh for the main course, if it were not already enough, I had the chicken on the left, lamb and the biryani rice. I am surprised that they have that because I have never tasted one before when I was still in the Philippines. I secretly think that the bride chose this because of me.


A little entertainment is necessary for receptions like this, in addition to the well wishes that the parents and friends of both the bride and groom, plus the video that I posted before, there were these fire dancers which is apparently HOT in Boracay.

This one is pretty amazing! There were two of them and the other one lit a cigarette with those twirling things. The cigarette was on his/her face, btw.

Oh and as if the food was not enough, here is the humungous and very scrumptious carrot cake. Wedding cakes are usually pretty but taste bad at least for the ones I’ve been to (sorry) but this one is nice. Oh also surprised that it tasted great despite being carrot, I usually hate that.

Did I ever mention that the bride is a vegetarian? I think that’s the reason why they had carrot cake for the wedding cake.

Here is another shot of the venue.

All in all, it was a very sweet, beautiful and entertaining night. Had to cut it short for me because as I’ve mentioned time and time again, I barely had rest and had to get ready for something later that night. That something at that time I still was not sure of but I knew I had to get ready.

In the meantime, let’s stare at this bastard’s big smile knowing that he has stuffed himself once again…good enough for hibernation throughout winter.

After the reception, he found out that he was being booked for a spot in fat camp.

More on my stay in Boracay soon!!! J