Beard Papa’s Calling My Name???

I heard in the twitter world that the newest pastry shop, Beard Papa’s is finally opened in the Mall, Gadong. I am now without sans car so I decided to pester some of my friends to bring me to get them.


I just lurve pastries and desserts so I knew that when it opened, I just had to have a taste. I didn’t actually get them myself, to be honest. While I was on my way, I already called my friend who was in the Mall to get it for me. I just couldn’t be bothered with the queue which I was quite sure was long.

Spell DIVA!!!

Anyway, I got myself one box with six pieces inside…

See for urself…after the jump.

Beard Papa’s started in Japan and is actually an international chain of fresh and natural cream puffs. They, of course, have the common cream custard inside a pastry shell but unlike the others that I’ve seen, they are flavoured…available in vanilla, chocolate and if we in Brunei are lucky, they will probably have the specialty flavours such as green tea, pumpkin, earl grey, eclair and coffee.

I had the chance of tasting this fresh quickly after buying it and also after I have it stored in the fridge and I am happy to report that these do not go stale. Either way, the pastry shell was crunchy and soft at the same time and the filling was creamy, just the way that it was intended to be.

Only problem…

I got myself this box and though they had the promotion of buy 5 free 1, it still cost me S$11.5o=RM28=PHP450. That’s only for five pieces, mind u. I am not sure how they will fare in the local market given that there are puffs in several bakeshops that sell them in smaller sizes but a lot cheaper at S$1=RM2.3=PHP40 for three pieces.

Then again, these are really good in my opinion. I’ve never tasted a cream puff as good as this one before so it is all worth it…in moderation, of course.

Now back to my self-loathing, diet-maniac self.

Sidenote: Click here for Beard Papa’s official website.