Best Way To Get Ur Ears Cleaned

At least as far as I know.

There is no doubt that it is still cheap in the Philippines. No matter how much people whine about the prices increasing, u can still see a lot of people flocking to the malls and shopping their heart out.

If u look close enough, u might see me in pastel wardrobe, big sunnies trying to find a good bargain.

Anyway, whenever I am home, I would make it a point to spend on everything that I know is cheap there…like shopping (one big whoop), see my dentist and vanity crap. That includes my facials, massages, scrubs and whatever it is that is going make me spring out of bed feeling fresh and hallucinating that I am better than everyone else.

I have searched for a place in the Phils who does ear candling but it is just not available. I always get the what-the-hell-are-u-talking-about look…either they don’t actually know what I am talking about or I have a distracting outfit that day.

Anyway, I started doing this since I moved to Brunei and I do it quarterly. It is a great way to clean ur ears and very interesting, too. I don’t use Q tips (at least for my ear canal) because of the disadvantages I’ve read about and ear candling is a great alternative.

I had it along with my facial which was done while I had that mud pack on. Makes perfect sense and saves me a lot of time rather than doing everything one at a time.

Ear Candling is a way to get ur ears cleaned using a wax tube (about a foot long). What they do is they create vacuum/suction through burning one end of the tube while the other is just a little bit inside ur ear. U get to hear a very soft suction sound while this happens and it lasts around 1o-15 minutes per ear.

I sound like a freaking infomercial.

Anyway, This is how it would look like…minus the mud pack.

I was afraid to do this at first due to obvious reasons. I have to make sure that the person doing it really knows how or else I might end up with a big burn mark on my cheek. There is also the possibility that the wax might drip. Though my concerns are not really possible according to the ear candlist (I have to coin that made up word), here is where the mud pack would come in handy.

What’s also good about ear candling is that it cleans out ur ear without actually poking inside. It reaches deep down for dirt because with the size of crap I got from out of there, I would assume it cleaned out up to my ass.

Look at the size of that thing, it is as big as the girl’s thumb.

That green film is actually the wax tube that they unrolled to show how much dirt came from all this sucking action. Kind of like a dirt devil for ur ears.

Pretty cool and gross at the same time.

For those interested, I did this in Malaysia but I am sure they also have it in Brunei. I paid RM50=S$23=PHP800 for this. Recommend to do this only quarterly cleaning ur ears too much is not good either. Something about wax also protects the ears.

On the up side, u can hear better even when office mates talk smack behind ur back…then u can SMACK them right back.