Bimbo At The Go Karts

With my departure looming near, I am really trying as hard as I can to finish up on all the posts that I have pending with regards to the things I have been doing lately. Being the procrastinator that I am, it would mean that finishing all of it would just be impossible.

Anyway, I think I heard that Jerudong Park has recently re launched itself and it made me remember about my recent trip to Jerudong Park. And by recent, I mean like four months ago. It was just one of those random night outs with nothing else to do and my friend decided that we go to the park and go for the rides. Nothing really interested me there since I am not the adrenaline junkie that my friends are.

My version of riding a roller coaster as of recent is trying to cross a three lane freeway. Same rush and with my imagination, the end result will have my face smashed either way.

So somehow, we ended up going to the Go Karts. I have never done this before here nor anywhere so I was excited.

Well, excited is a little bit of an overstatement because I was agitated having to wait my turn. So I just posed away for shits and giggles.

I am wearing a Ninoy Aquino shirt and Top Man Skinnies. This is one of those days when I am just so lazy to even think of what to wear so I look like a lazy ass, gym rat with leather shoes on.

So here is where we were.

Just realised that it is called SUPAKARTS. Ding dong!!!

To be able to take a spin, u need to buy this ticket from the Jerudong Park entrance. There were four of us so we got the S$10=RM24=PHP340 ticket which allowed all four of us get our turns and an extra ride which we were not able to use.

Sorry for the blurry photos, btw. Like I said, it was a random night out and whoring it out was not in my itinerary so I was not able to bring a camera.

And then from the ticket booth, u ask for a ride from there to the Supakarts area because it is so damn far. We actually walked thinking it was nearby but I ended up complaining for 30 minutes…which is long u will have to travel on foot.

And for the first timers like I was, here are some safety rules that u might need to take into heart.

While waiting, in addition to posing in front of the camera and making a fool out of the strangers who are in queue, I was looking at the others racers and it seemed like a piece of cake!!!


When it was our turn, all my friends were able to move on except me. I was actually blaming the car and the guy assisting was telling me to step on it. And I was yelling back, “I am!!!” when apparently, I was pressing the brakes. In my defence, I cannot see a damn thing and I can barely fit my long legs in the carts. Sue me!!!

At some point in the middle of going around the track, I think my cart started to die on me and it was just weird how everything just happens to me. My other friend actually had to slow down to check on what was happening to me and nearly wanted to just get off it and ride on his which was obviously impossible. So I just kept on stepping on the pedal and it barely made me get to the finish line.

As if I didn’t get enough attention already, I forced one of the people there to take a final photo of me.

I forgot to say, the helmets are hella stinky. Doesn’t look like it in this photo it felt like I had a shoe on my head.