Bimbo Drink

At first I thought being a BIMBO is catching on. Hell, they made a drink out of it.

A shock ad health campaign image from Italy featuring a fetus submerged in a cocktail with ice and a slice of lemon.

I am just too full of myself. LOL!

This is an ad that is plastered all over Italy commissioned by Italian Public Health Agency in Treviso. It features as you can see, is a fetus placed at the bottom of a drink which bears the line, MOM DRINKS, BABY DRINKS. This is produced by Fabrica, the communications agency that produced the ads for Benetton of which I should be a part of, honestly.

Apparently, almost two thirds of Italian women drink.

Maybe to divert attention from the baby already baking in their bun…or the notion that getting drunk could make you lose the baby fat.

Via AOL News.