Bimbo Goes to Fashion Week

There are so many queries that I had to answer on why I actually came back to the Philippines. To be honest, it was an actual leap of faith and ever since I landed back home, things have been hectic, hence backblogged.

But trust me when I say that things have been crazy…but it is all good.

As for me, I will have to do a lot of back tracking (what’s new, noh?) but for now, I would like to talk about something that I looked forward to seeing since I landed…MANILA FASHION WEEK!!!

In as many times as I could recount, I have always said that this blog is more of a personal blog but it is becoming inescapable for it to to turn to fashion. I presume it is because I look like a super model post photos of what I buy and things I wear and well…I am interested in fashion. :)

So last weekend, I was here and being a fashion week virgin, it was very overwhelming. I was close to strutting my stuff on the runway with a sign that says, “I belong here, damn it!!!”

Anyway, it was a lot of ups and downs, a lot of shows, a lot of corns on my feet, lots of fashionistas and a lot of oogling that I did. I was not able to attend all of the shows because, as much as I love fashion, it was a little draining. Imagine going to shows from lunch until midnight. Pretty much lived the life of a model because I barely ate.

So be prepared for a lot of updates on what I saw.