Bimbo Shopping: Super Save Style

Following my little notebook makeover, since I was already in Super Save in Times Square, Brunei to pick up stickers, I thought of just trying to look around and see what other crap I don’t really need but wanted to buy anyway.

I can’t remember how much these things cost but I believe all of these cost me less than S$30=RM70=PHP1000 so it is all good.

Let’s take a look at what I got, shall we???

Here’s a bath sponge that I just needed to get to replace the one that I had. I bought one that is a little bit expensive from one of the beauty stores here and it wore out easily. No difference in getting a cheaper one as it does the trick in exfoliating the skin.

Now this is just for shits and giggles. I have not used it more than five times but so I am not sure how effective this facial massager is. Though this claims that it will contour ur face, probably to give u than nice modelesque look, if u use it ten minutes a day. I will probably have to get my diet on first though as I am starting to look like a blowfish with the holiday feasts.

The next few stuff are very utilitarian. I bought these hooks as I think I need to ease up on my clothes. Pants can be reused as my grandma used to say and I needed a place to hang them to prevent them from wrinkling out. I have to say, these did take a lot out of me to install. I had to hammer and screw these on myself and thankfully, no fatalities.

Now these I found cute. These clothesline clips are very colourful. I used to put my clothes in the dryer but the colours of my clothes fade easier when I do so I choose to hang them, however tedious. The clips have these extra loops to make sure then don’t fall on the ground and not accidentally step on them, then they break. U can tell that I am speaking from experience.

How many times have we heard that toothbrushes need to be protected as it may be contaminated when u flush ur toilet? I use the individual caps but it gets molds as time passes so this is a great alternative. I just press it up on my bathroom mirror and voila, instant toothbrush holder. It hold the brush with a snap which is ingenious.

Now enough of these practical stuff because we all know that that is not me. So I saw these yellow knee high socks. Never really had these before and I don’t play football so when I am going to wear this will be exciting. I am prepared for the weird stares…as always.

Now this is Avril Lavigne-ish….hand socks. I have tried putting them on immediately when I got home and they were cute. Plus I am so into purple these days so this will blend well with a lot of my tops.

Now that rounds up my mini shopping for the broke person like me. Supersave is a store that I pass by from time to time when I go to Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia and I am glad to see this store in Brunei. The prices didn’t vary much if not at all. Sometimes, I just go around this store for fun but most of the time, I would see something that I didn’t know I needed…at least in my head.

Ok ok.It is a little absurd that I isolated myself from buying anything else really. I am too transparent so here is another purchase from a clothes store in the same mall, just to wash off all the cheapowah shopping. I bought this floor length coat that I just saw on a mannequin. It is very Darth Vader-ish but I liked how I’ve never seen anyone wear it. Made of lightweight coat so I don’t need to pray for snow to wear this anywhere in Asia.

Now all I need is a light saber and I could rule the world!!!