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Before u start bashing me, let me explain.

I have been following Erykah Badu (aka @fatbellybella on Twitter) for quite some time now and if u have been following this blog, u would probably know that I am her hugest fan and I am not talking ass-wise. I’ve talked about her before and been listening to her music since her first album/On and on.

What can I say, the lady inspires me. They sleep, we grind!!!

Anyway, so I saw her tweet above and I knew I had to just suck it up, inhale and take in all courage for shameless self-promotion and conceit to ask her…

Wanna know what happened???

Find out after the jump…

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Posh News!!!

Victoria Beckham aka my version of carbo overload is drinking two cups of green tea Posh Spice is reportedly pregnant with their fourth child. They currently have three boys and a girl would be a nice change.

All I could think of now is, if Posh gets a girl and Mariah Carey gets a girl, then there Suri Cruise???

Baby diva battle!!!

via: DListed

Photoshopped For The Worse

I saw this on my way to another one of my Japanese dinners…which reminds me, I haven’t had sushi in weeks now and it is about time.

Anyway, so I saw this and thought that she was familiar. Not that she might be my neighbor but guess who it is, Friends star Courtney Cox!!!

Yeah, I know. Almost unrecognizable. I was staring at this photo for a good few minutes trying to figure out what is wrong with her face…

…then I realised, if she ever needed to venture onto the big screen, she might want to consider to fill in the role of Joker in the new Batman Installment.

Her smile is just too wide…bordering into freaky, noh???

Just goes to show, photoshopping isn’t always for the better.

Ugly Betty Star Kills Mum With A Samurai, Thinks She Is The Devil

Image Credit: CBS/WCBS

Now this is just effed up!!!

It has been reported by Crimesider that Michael Brea, who starred in the tv hit series Ugly Betty and the movie Step Up 3D, is accused of decapitating (that means “off with their heads” ala that bitch in Alice In Wonderland) his mother using a samurai (so probably Alice In Wonderland Japan Version?) while reciting bible verses.

I can’t think of how many things are wrong with that sentence…other than maybe someone is going to church too much while dreaming of how the latest installment of Kill Bill 3 would go!!!

According to reports…

Neighbors told CBS affiliate WCBS that they heard the 31-year-old actor screaming Bible verses and saying “repent” as he apparently chased his mother through the home.

 One neighbor said he called 911 after hearing a woman shrieking for help, but said when police arrived the screams had stopped.

According to Befilm, the actor thinks that the devil is inside her mother, somehow…

While his mother, Yannick Brea, was screaming for help, he was yelling “Sinner! Sinner! Repent!”

Yannick was found in a kneeling position “as if offering a final prayer” the daily news says.

This is just absurd. Who doesn’t think their mum is the devil, noh? Sometimes I do, then again I don’t decapitate her. No one deserves to be beheaded…except probably my math teacher in school who failed me.

Mimi In All Sorts Of Crazy

She may night be in ill-fitting clothes showing skin only Mariah Carey would pull off (successfully or not would be up to ur judgement) but man, oh man, is she entertaining.

Here is a clip of her recent interview with Ellen to promote her newly released Merry Christmas II You Album with a severely airbrushed cover a photo of her before getting pregnant.

It if hilarious how Mariah has practically imposed to Ellen her thoughts on:

  1. gender neutrality
  2. her heel disability and how it is tough to stay “grounded”
  3. how a good two decades is missing in her secretary’s diary book

Watch and enjoy!!!

This Is The Hair That I Want!!!

Image Credit:

To date, I have been doing a lot of changes in my life. Nothing too personal though but I am nearing the big 3-0 and I think that it is high time that I take big risks and do the things that I wanted to do.

The list never ends but I will get there.

Anyway, here is Robert Downey Jr in the premiere of his new movie, Due Date, in which he stars with the Hang Over Star Zach Galifianakis and singer Jamie Foxx.

I saw the trailer of this movie a month ago and I thought that it was hilarious and I can’t wait for it to show here in Brunei maybe after a couple of years with these Malay movies showing that I don’t understand in the way.

Reason why I posted this is because I am trying to grow my hair longer now and I always wanted to have curls.

Now before u peepee on my plan, please trust me when I say that I’ve tried temporary curls before and though it looked like I was part of an indigenous tribe the first few hours, it looked great when it settled.

I am now working on getting my hair longer as u can see in my photos recently but now I have another plan to hasten this process.

Will show u next time. :)