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Regatta Fashion Week 2011: Reminiscing

I have recently started catching up on my blog and I saw this old post that I drafted a bazillion ages ago. It would’ve been senseless for me to just chuck it out to my trash bin plus I took great photos (debatable) so I might as well post them.

A perfect example of a great photo…

I am on the second row to see all the fashion action…with a glass of champagne in my hands, of course.

The theme of the show is a boat deck as you can see in the first photo. Very cool and quite frankly, I think this is my go-to style whenever I am feeling casual. Solid colours, clean and crisp. Very nice!!!

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Bimbo’s Second Look For Philippine Fashion Week

I wanted to keep my look very casual for my second day at Philippine Fashion Week. I was wearing a suit the the day before and I wanted to keep it a little more fun this time. Besides, I have been talking about colour for the previous collections that I saw and it is just proper for me to walk the talk so to speak.

What I had on was a Folded & Hung top, a Jeffrey Rogador oversized track pants, Pedro shoes and my blue Louis Vuitton Riviera (which I actually gave to my mum so technically, I borrowed it). Oh and uber huge brooch that perfectly matched my top which I got from Malaysia.

I wanted to wear it a lot higher on the waist just to look a little different and to hide the huge belly that I have been sporting lately.

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Marlon Rivera Holiday 2011

Coming from the Oxygen Show earlier, I thought it would be a little blande for me to see more blacks. Don’t get me wrong I LURVE  black because it gives me all access to everything crazy but another full line of blacks and neutrals is a little too repetitive for me.

Coming into Marlon Rivera’s Holiday 2011 Collection felt like that at first, only because of the colours, but I was in for a surprise when I saw some colours towards the end. I was like revived back to sanity and the clothes totally got my attention. They spoke to me…and they said grab me while u can still see me on the runway.

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M Barretto Holiday 2011

As u can see from my very first photo, my photography skills are below par which is quite a shame because the clothes that M Barretto is showing here is amazing.


Mr Barretto, if u happen to pass by my blog, please throw some my way. I will gladly show them off and photo whore (which apparently I am quite good at).

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ESAC Holiday 2011

Now how’s that for starters?!?!?

I am now continuing my posts on the adventure I had through Philippine Fashion Week. I know I know it was ages ago but who cares, noh???

Anyway, here is the ESAC Holiday 2011 Line. I love the bright colours and the material are mostly bling bling shiny. U know I love everything shiny.

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Oxygen Clothing: Black Mania

While I was watching the Oxygen Line for Philippine Fashion Week, I kept on hearing Nina Garcia like a conscience saying that an “all black line is bland”…or at least something to that effect but I have to say that even then, I totally disagree.

Whenever I want to wear something a little out there, I always opt to make my colour scheme a dark. I think that takes the edge off though I do kind of tip toe on the line of becoming a little wacky. There is something about black that bring down any outfit a notch, turn it into simple elegance.

Take a look at Oxygen’s collection and this being the first show I attended, I am quite amazed. I would totally wear a lot of their clothing!!! That first piece alone had my name all over it!!!

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Bimbo’s Fashion Week First Look

No, this is not my excited look. LOL!

Philippine Fashion Week is a big deal for me and I decided to look a little bit low key and formal with my pin checkered suit. It is actually my grand dad’s suit who passed away earlier this year. I resized it to a high-fit waist and made the coat a little tighter.

And of course, had to bring my grand dad LV along with it.

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The Bimbo in Twestival Brunei!!!

I have been around the blogosphere and twitterverse for quite some time now and being invited to attend Twestival Brunei is such an honour. I was in the Pre Twestival Brunei Gathering as well but that one is for later.

Twestival Brunei according to Twestival Website


TWESTIVAL BRUNEI – In support of the Child Development Centre, proudly supported by Swensens and Kitaro Japanese Restaurant, Brunei.

Twestival (or Twitter Festival) Brunei will take place on 24 March 2011 at Swensens, The Mall, Gadong from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. This evening of social media events aims to raise funds and awareness for a good cause and is a part of the official Twestival global event via the social media platform, Twitter. Across the world on the same day, Twestivals armed with the same aim will take place. In Brunei, our good cause is the Child Development Centre.

Being the charitable person I pretend to be am, I am glad to be able to take part in this offline gathering of twitter lurves especially for a good cause. Even greater joy for me to see people who I have conversed with on twitter and a few more who recognised me from my rants here and there.

Freaks me out one time or the other when someone comes up to me. It is either they’ve read what I have spewed all over the internet…or my mono look is just hard to miss. Hahaha!

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Going Away Gift Ruined

 My camera is so crappy. Up until now I cannot find my SD card for my DSLR so I am using my old point-and-shoot. Not that it would improve how I take photos but that way, I can only blame my own incompetency.

Anyway, so here I am wearing the bag that I got as a gift after the hours of begging, screaming and crying from one of my friends from Indonesia, Citria. Reminds me well of the Mulberry Alexa except made of faux leather. It is a sling bag which I am seeing how convenient these are.

So anyway, I was whore-ing it out in the mall carrying it out like no one’s business and it was amazing. Having to walk without holding on to anything is liberating! And as u all may know, I am going car-less for the remaining days of Brunei so I braved the streets and travelled on foot. I have never done this before until lately and was trying to figure out shortcuts to get home (around 20 mins walk away) and I saw this really tiny hill which I think is a quicker way for me to get home.

So I took it and strangely without complaints because I was wearing my ever reliable ankle boots. A few steps more and BAM…I slipped and fell. I was able to hold on to something so the ground didn’t get to kiss my fat, dimply ass. But when I got up, the straps of my bags were pulled and instantly broken.


So much for the gift. I think I will just turn it into one of those oversized cluthes like I saw in the recent Paris Fashion Week.

Better WERQ!


One more photo after the jump…

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Bimbo’s Closet And A Little Fashion Tip

I know it has been a while since I posted something up but I am just too tired to even apologise. I am quite swamped with the packing and trying to make sure that I have done everything I needed to just fix my stuff up. I have less than ten days to go before I fly out and between meeting people and trying to get things together, I barely have time for anything.

Anyway, since this personal blog has become a fashion blog of some sort, I would like to give u a peek at what my closet looks like. Actually, I was thinking of posting a video for this but I am not sure if u guys are ready to hear me speak yet so I am just making do with the photos.

Now before u enter, do not expect something Kimora-like. I sure wish that my closet looks like hers since we both have walk-ins but this is just one of the things that I will miss in my house here in Brunei.

Blah blah blah!!!

Take a look…

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