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Bimbo Finds Inspiration…From Another Church

Here I was on a Sunday and was on my way to church. Sadly, I was not feeling so inspired and religious. I do not what it was but that Sunday was particularly gloomy and lacking of energy.

It happens, noh?

To top it off, I was dying to get a hair trim. My hair was getting unruly and there is this particular haircut that I wanted to get that I saw from a magazine. My hair was long enough so I think I can have it done.

If u don’t believe how unruly it is, take a look after the jump…

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Men’s Skin Care 101

I was part of a very interesting discussion in twitter-verse a few months back based on one of my previous posts on the things I bought which basically spells that I am a person who is relying on science to make sure he looks good of vanity. We essentially talked about my skin care regimen, general men’s skin care products and how this is not quite apparent to most people.

So anyway, based on that discussion, I decided to write a detailed post on basic men’s skin care. I have been trying to cook up this post for quite some time now and now that it is ready, here it is.

Before I begin, I would like to introduce to u Skin 79 Homme Collection for men. I am surprised that Skin 79 has something for men and I am very happy to have the whole line here for the post.

Another thing, this is a basic men’s skin care post. There may be some things missing here but these are the important ones that u should have. I personally have a more rigid routine but I will discuss that on another post.

Let’s begin…

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I recently shopped in Face Shop. Don’t ask what I got but if u spend above S$30, u get these freebies. Any higher amount spent, then u would get more. But since I am as poor as a chimp (and also look like one), I would have to settle for these.

Lookie lookie…

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Bimbo’s Post Christmas Gift

I think it is quite obvious that I am a little big on skin care. It might not be obvious given that I have mediocre skin but really…can u imagine what my face would look like without “help”???

I remember my friend telling me, “Ur face is a product of science!!!”


I replied with my favourite vanity phrase, “At this time and age, if u are ugly, IT IS UR FAULT!!!”

Anyway, here is a post Christmas gift from…errr…a reader. I don’t think this person would be okay with revealing his/her identity but let me go out on a limb and say thank u!!!

And I lurve gifts so keep them coming.

Find out what’s inside the bag…

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…Now Not Only For The Girls!

I know I have said that the treatment that I used to get my facial treatments in Herbaline but stopped because they didn’t have the treatment that I wanted, which was way harsher, but it was the time of the month.

It is like my own version of the ladies’ mensies, noh?

Anyway, I was in KK and asked my friend to look for a facial place for me to get microdermabrasion but there was none. Too bad for me but he did ask around and he highly recommends this place. He doesn’t get facials himself but he asked his lady colleagues and they highly recommended this place. Like I said, this is not only for the ladies.

Now that I have mentioned it, I know realise the things that I go through just to recommend the best places to get ur vanity on. Even if it’s for the ladies, hell I am going to do it. 😛

Nevertheless, I am quite familiar with their treatments since I used to go to their Miri Branch so I sat down and I told them exactly what I wanted which was a Standard Deep Cleaning and Oily Skin Double Mask Treatment.

This treatment involves Dead Skin Cell Removal (which is a less intense version of microdermabrasion), aloe vera gel for active cell rejuvenation using bio light, nano bio-cellulose mask treatment and herbal mask treatment. I added in a little eye treatment as well which was done concurrently with my facial which all in all lasted 120 minutes.

I sound so profession. That gave me the chills.

As per practice, they served me with their tea. If I am not mistaken, it is chrysanthemum.

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Diet Starts TODAY!!!

Now before I continue on to becoming America’s Next Top Model talking about my trip, I would just like to announce to the world that as of yesterday, I am on diet.

I am serious this time. And to help me out, I am using Hydroxycut Advanced.

Get rid of that judgmental look!!! I didn’t buy this but it is part of the goodie package I won from when I won the Les Mills Marathon last month.

I thought it was ironic, at first, that the people who won are supposed to be the fittest so they wouldn’t need this, right???


I think they foresaw that the people who work the hardest would the ones who would pack on the most holiday baggage, so this now comes in quite handy.

Very clever!!!

I, so far, have followed the instructions. I am not sure what it really does but I ate fairly alright today. Did not overeat which is a good thing. Very minimal dinner and I am not hungry which probably means it curbs ur appetite.

However, thinking about it, my mouth has not chewed anything for so long I just want to shove a big cheesecake down my throat.

I am following instructions to the letter but to have this for 10 weeks straight, I will have to decide a lot later.

The instructions are after the jump…

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There Is Always A Trade Off

Isn’t my breakfast plate a beauty???

There are only three things on this plate that I know but I have to say that this is hmmm hmm good…but all good things come to an end.

With the goodness that this plate has brought me comes quite an…errr…interesting experience after.

During this time, my back just started to ache (it is all well now, thank u very much) and I just needed a massage really badly. So I went to a place my friend recommended.

It is called D’ Touch Reflexology which u could find in Warisan Square, Kota Kinabalu.

As always, I played my usual game of “I am not Filipino so u can speak all the Tagalog u want so I can hear what u really want to say about me” game.

More about that later. Anyway, more after the jump…

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This Puts My Grooming Practice To Shame

There was a little discussion on Twitter a few weeks ago when I posted this. My adoring fans friends on twitter discussed male grooming and I am quite surprised that most men (and boys) know how to take care of themselves. It is hard to be living in my own world sometimes.

Not that I am an expert or skin care or anything, but I do what I can.

Anyway, while looking through some clips, I saw this clip on the the introduction of Patrick Bateman from the movie American Psycho. I so wish I had the time, effort and dedication to grooming as he has.

Minus the sit-ups, I hate those!!!

I have been meaning to do a “skin care 101” post on but in the meantime, let us all learn from him.

If u know this movie, let’s try not to do this.

Find out after the jump…

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Probable Cause Of It All

Serious much??? I have to say that I hate hate HATE doing squats!!!

Anyway, even before all my painful back hoolabaloo, I joined my gym’s Les Mils Marathon.

But before all the deets, I have to give u my signature fish lip bimbo pout…after the jump!

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Back Breaker

As u all are aware, my back has been killing me and it has not gone away for a few weeks. Yeah yeah, I am a grandpa and u all will b, too…unless u already are.

I kid. I kid.

Anyway, so this relieved me a bit but still it comes and goes. A little better but still there.

So I couldn’t take it anymore so I went to my last option as always…I went to the doctor.

Do not ask me what that means. I have been here in Brunei for seven years now and not a word of malay.

Except “pano” and “hijau”. Only Bruneians will get that joke. 😛

Anyway, I’ve never been to the government clinic before but my aunt suggested that I went there since it seems that a private clinic might not be able to help me out. I went to one of the private clinics in the city before for a pain I had on my abdomen, they gave me something to suppress it when in fact, when I went to a private hospital and ZOMG, it was appendicitis!!!

So I have learned, clinics actually treat the symptoms but not exactly the ailment.

There’s a bimbo words of wisdom.

Anyway, this is a government clinic, I know, but it is connected to the government hospital so I am a little more confident that I would be treated as I would be required.

Find out what happened to me after the jump…

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