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Inspiration of the Day

Now that I have two pimples on my left cheek, I need some inspiration to wash my face regularly as I have been really lazy lately!!!

And before u know it, my face will be back to how it was just like the photo above…

Mwahahaha. Ok ok after a million dollar surgery!!!


Bimbo’s Tarot Reading

I was having coffee with some new friends and one of them carried a Tarot Card with him. I really do not believe in these things but I thought I’d give it a shot. There’s no harm in hearing what the future holds in store for me…

On second thought, I am not even sure what the Tarot Cards are for? Telling the future? Advise? Anyway, somehow these things have a way of telling u something as if that card was meant for u and this is what mine said…

Message from Green Tara: When u feel resentment in ur heart because u’re carryingmore than ur share of the load, u’re doing no favours for anyone, including urself. U need to ask for help to ensure that u have private time for contemplation and rest. One of the reasons why I’m am able to sit so peacefully is that I know the secret of true productivity. It doesn’t come through struggle or strife. Rather it comes from a clear and focused mind that’s unchallenged by indecisiveness. U see, making decisions is the shortest route to triumphant passages. Once u make up ur mind, the rest follows quite naturally. I therefore urge u to sit quietly quite naturally. I therefore urge u to sit quietly and follow the footsteps of ur mind. Be open to ur heart’s meanderings. They will quietly lead u to make ur most important decisions, and the rest will fall into place.

Various meanings of this card: Don’t try to be a superwoman or superman. Give ur children chores. Ask ur partner for help. Accept assistance as its offered to u. Release guilt or the belief that it’s weak to ask for help. Be a team player.

About Green Tara (pronounced TAIR-uh): Tara is a Hindu and Buddhist goddess whose name means “star” in the ancient Sanskrit language. Her many personality and aspects are represented by different colours. Green Tara is known for being a speedy helper who offers emergency aid and provides rapid understanding of situations and relationships. She rescues us by empowering us to save ourselves.

All I could really take away here is that I picked a “star” and birds of the same feather, pick each other. 😛

If there’s anything that I am quite good at, it is asking for help…sometimes too much.

For those who’s helped me out, thanks. :)


Saying goodbye to 2010 is a little sad. It just means that there a few months left before I get a year older, more wrinkles on my face, fatter I become and a lot of reminiscing and meditation on how I wasted the year that was.

I have to say that I am so glad to get out of 2010 alive. There are so many things that have happened to me and so many things to be grateful for. I cannot recount all of them but I am sure that there are numerous occasions where I’ve been cynical but deep down, I am still lucky to have what I have, done what I have done and been through what I have. Plus I have great family and friends around me to keep me in one piece when everything seems to be falling apart. I had a relatively rocky year and yet, I am still at ease with who I am, keeping my perspectives in check and keeping my eye on the prize and the other eye on that super expensive bag that I’ve been meaning to get.

I am sure that so many people are thankful for the same things but most of all, I am thankful for all of u…keeping me company for the months that I’ve been blogging incessantly. There is really no point in sharing when no one is there to listen (or in this case, read) and u guys have been the friend who’s always available to laugh, cry and be stupid with me.

With the mushy words out of the way, let’s toast to welcome 2011. We have 365 days to look forward to because trust me, it cannot really be any worse than the last one right???



Sidenote: I felt a sudden rush of excitement after writing this post. U should be, too!!! :)