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Just When I Thought She Looked Tame

Here is a little break from the hats, fits and fashion of the Royal Wedding. I happen to love Judas of Lady Gaga so I naturally youtube-d it and saw this performance of hers on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

First I notice is that her outfit was so tame, which I can’t say the same for her hair. Anyway, watch and see how it made my jaw drop.


Before u start bashing me, let me explain.

I have been following Erykah Badu (aka @fatbellybella on Twitter) for quite some time now and if u have been following this blog, u would probably know that I am her hugest fan and I am not talking ass-wise. I’ve talked about her before and been listening to her music since her first album/On and on.

What can I say, the lady inspires me. They sleep, we grind!!!

Anyway, so I saw her tweet above and I knew I had to just suck it up, inhale and take in all courage for shameless self-promotion and conceit to ask her…

Wanna know what happened???

Find out after the jump…

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A “Born This Way” Video Analysis

I have seen the Born This Way video only once and like I said before, I am surprised that she didn’t milk this single to dryness by making a 10 minute music video.

Nevertheless, there seems to be underlying meaning to this video…as she does for the previous videos she has done.

Hell, I won’t be surprised if there is something deeper to her “Just Dance” video. Like the house is the earth and we are brothers and sisters and the family that parties together, stays together…or somethin.

Anyway, here is a good read from Anthagio. Pretty comprehensive if u ask me.

At least someone made good sense about it, noh?

For the music video, please click here.

Born This Way…Finally!!!

After drooling drums waiting for the release, it is finally here.

Watch the Official Video of Lady Gaga‘s latest single Born This Way. I am just surprised that she didn’t milk that baby and release a ten-minute video.

She still had those pointy shoulders and cheekbones she sported in her recent Grammy performance though what I did notice is that she had gap teeth.

Madonna much???

Anyway, watch it while u still can. It was very difficult for me to find this video and it might not be long before someone takes it down.

Don’t be a drag, just be a queen!!!


Sorry for the spew of music videos. U all know I don’t really watch that much tv and youtube has been very instrumental in helping me catch up with a lot of things.


I think it blows that she doesn’t seem to have any versatility in her music, but she does know what the people want and I like this one!

Here is Ke$ha’s new music video for “Blow“. Lurve lurve lurve this song and this makes me want to buy a top down and have this on full blast.

What I would be wearing is a totally different question.

And to the kids who are reading this, James Van Der Beek was the star of Dawson’s Creek way way back.