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I Need A Change

In the absence of my blogging mojo, I knew that I needed a change. I have no work and doing pretty much nothing and yet I never get the time to sit my fat ass on a seat and start dabbling on my blog so I knew I needed to change something…much like when u break with someone…I decided to change my hair.

Now before u think that I am having a very good time, don’t be deceived by the smile that I have on. I know it is quite convincing since u can only see these pearly whites in French paintings…classic!!!

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Goodbye, Brunei!!!

I have been back here in the Philippines for more than a month now and finally, I have to come to the end of my Brunei Posts.

I still feel like I will go back there but with how things are going, it seems that things might take time.

With that said, I miss Brunei. My friends, my family and the people in general.

Brunei has changed me in so many ways and despite the fact that I have left, deep down, I really do feel that I am somewhat Bruneian.

Please hold ur protests!!!

Anyway, I am here in the airport and the people who has been with me through thick and thin bid me farewell.

It was quite weird. With all the people there, it was like getting a flashback of who I’ve met for the past eight years. All we needed was a bottle of booze or five and we already have a party.

I seriously wish that I could cry for times like this…just so that I could show my appreciation for everyone who bid me goodbye. But for now, this is all I could afford.

And this officially ends my posts regarding Brunei…

…at least for now.

Until my return!!!

Afternoon Bloggers’ Delight

Sometimes, I am surprised at how much attention I get from this mini shrine that I have for myself. It is surreal and it is very weird at how many people cared that I was leaving Brunei, be it the people that I’ve known since forever or the people that I have grown acquainted with.

Oh who am I kidding? I love the attention and I deserve it!!!

With that said, one fine afternoon, in the midst of everyone’s busy work schedule, I was able to see the famous Bruneian Bloggers @bruneitweet, @marul69 and @zulfadly for a quick catch up and to bid the bimbo a sad farewell. As to what we talked about, please do not ask though I can assure u that we were laughing a lot.

A little cussing was happening, too, at least deep inside. I mean look at my meal and @bruneitweets’!!!

All my diet efforts were put to shame!!!

I obviously have the oily pasta and guess who is having the salad.

Hint: He was on the inaugural flight in Melbourne…or if u are dense enough, just match the black shirt with the photo above.

Good times!!!

Gulliver Much???

This was officially the last time that I stepped foot in the office. I was there just to grab my stuff and go but the staff were just eager to take photos with the superstar me!!!

There is just something weird with these photos…take a look…after the jump…

Notice it?

I look insanely huge in these photos…either that or they are freakishly miniature-ish.

The scene stealer of the photos isn’t me, of course. The fact that my ex-secretary was barefoot gave me a good chuckle.

Maybe she was just THAT eager.

I heard that they are missing my music in the office…which might mean my boss is actually happy with the silence.


Mall Photo Op

Coming from Mangrove, I had to go straight to the Mall for a little catch up with my friends…my musically inclined friends.

It was a little unnerving because we were in the foodcourt plus we were noisy and taking photos.

A lot lot more after the jump…

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Serenity Missed

Before I begin, I would like to say that it took me days to upload this bloody photo so putting “serenity” for its blog title has lost all its meaning to me. This is the view from the hotel room where we had a weekend party and it was beautiful.

I know it has been almost a week since my last post and it is such an understatement for me to say that things have been really crazy so looking at this photo is a quick reminder that things will never be the same for me. From the loud mouths of the holy trinity that is my aunt, my grandma and my mum, the dirt and grim of our house, unpacking, meeting people and explaining why I left Brunei, this photo is a keepsake of something that I will never have for the coming weeks.

It was totally insane for me to think that I will be bored with nothing to do now that I am jobless.

Obviously, I am now in the Philippines but let me indulge in the country that I will miss dearly and clear out all my posts from what happened to Brunei until the day I left.

Just to let u in on a little something from home, early morning…our room was on fire.

Now how many crazy people can say that?!?!?!

Bimbo’s Saturday Madness

This is a very delayed post as this happened a couple of weeks ago. As u may know, I have been running here and there trying to meet as many people as I can before I leave. It is overwhelming to see the people who care and will miss me…so they say. LOL!!!

Anyway, a couple of Saturdays ago, I had three places to be and to be able to do that I needed to dress appropriately without being soiled and try to keep my energy up for the rest of the night.

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Dum Dee Dum Dee Doo

It is really coming near, so for the last time, it is lunch with my musically and choreographically (???) inclined friends. These are my friends who work either in a music or dance school and I am wishing that for this lunch at Misato, their talents will rub off on to me. 😛

We also share the same passion for…

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Eight Years Of My Life

With all the packing that I’ve been doing lately, the time has come for me to send some of my stuff back home. I cannot believe that I could fit all the things I have hoarded over the past eight years into these boxes. Well, at least half of it. I have a box left which will be sent off right on the day that I am about to leave. It will take three weeks for these boxes to reach home so I needed to send some ahead of time. It is hard as it is now because for the weeks coming, I have not accessorised nor have I worn anything out of the liberty of choice since I only have a quarter of what I own left here.

No scarf? No necklace? No brooch? No bowties? Might as well go out naked, noh?

On the above photo, I was trying to crack a nice smile while I write my home address in the Philippines, but deep inside, I was tearing up, waving my hands and arms in disgust.

Imagine the look on my face when I saw them do this…after the jump.

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Going Away Gift Ruined

 My camera is so crappy. Up until now I cannot find my SD card for my DSLR so I am using my old point-and-shoot. Not that it would improve how I take photos but that way, I can only blame my own incompetency.

Anyway, so here I am wearing the bag that I got as a gift after the hours of begging, screaming and crying from one of my friends from Indonesia, Citria. Reminds me well of the Mulberry Alexa except made of faux leather. It is a sling bag which I am seeing how convenient these are.

So anyway, I was whore-ing it out in the mall carrying it out like no one’s business and it was amazing. Having to walk without holding on to anything is liberating! And as u all may know, I am going car-less for the remaining days of Brunei so I braved the streets and travelled on foot. I have never done this before until lately and was trying to figure out shortcuts to get home (around 20 mins walk away) and I saw this really tiny hill which I think is a quicker way for me to get home.

So I took it and strangely without complaints because I was wearing my ever reliable ankle boots. A few steps more and BAM…I slipped and fell. I was able to hold on to something so the ground didn’t get to kiss my fat, dimply ass. But when I got up, the straps of my bags were pulled and instantly broken.


So much for the gift. I think I will just turn it into one of those oversized cluthes like I saw in the recent Paris Fashion Week.

Better WERQ!


One more photo after the jump…

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