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Pulling The “I AM A BLOGGER” Card

In one of those random trips to Miri, I was walking around Bintang Plaza and I know this place quite well. Not exactly well, I still have trouble getting around it but I do know enough to know when there is a new store in the building so I was quite happy to see this store.

It is called the Tee house and I have to say that it is quite inviting.

So I went in and checked it out and was quite happy with what I saw. I wanted to take photos but I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to do so…


…I talked the shop lady and I said, “Hi! My name is John Rey and I am a blogger.

And just like that, she was quite happy to have me look around and take photos like crazy.

I never ever thought that I would ever use those words and I am not even a big deal blogger so it was embarrassing to say it out loud.

Well, whatever! At least I got the photos.

Take a look inside the Tee House

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Blaming the Galaxy

I have been avoiding Malls for quite some time recently only because I can feel an urge boiling up. I just realised that it has been a while since I last bought any gadget for myself. In my head, it has been a year but I checked the phone that I last bought was only six months old.

Even so, the desire was there. I started feeling the itch of swiping my card another tech stuff that I will probably get rid off just the same as I did the last I replaced.

I tried hard, trust me. I was already offering my friends and my aunt to hold all my cards for me so that I won’t spend. I asked them not to invite me to go out. I even changed some settings of my phone just to fool myself into thinking that I have something new…to no avail.

Before I continue, this is what I wore for when I spent a bazillion hundreds of dollars for my new toy…at which case, it was the same price for having a peace of mind.

One more photo after the jump…

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Rounding Off

Finally, noh? I know it took me a while to end this string of posts and I haven’t been posting lately but I have a very valid reason and I will explain it to u some other time. Meanwhile, I guess this just goes to show that somehow in this meek existence of mine…I still have a life.

Anywhooo, I am finally rounding this trip up with something totally predictable…my shopping spree.

Well, not exactly a shopping spree because trust me, I practiced restraint in this. I only allowed myself to buy stuff for like a whopping six hours for this trip, on the second time that I went back to KK,  just so that I won’t buy too much.

Too much, of course, is subjective.

I have been thinking of how I will be able to get all these things to be shown to u in an orderly manner but I really cannot remember which ones I bought first so I thought that I would just do them by store that I went to.

Let’s look at my shopping bag…unless u are my mum…in which case, u should stay away!!!

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Half Day Shopping Frenzy

As I’ve mentioned, here I am continuing on with my updates on my KK trip. I know it is more than a month back and trust me, it’s been hard just trying to recall everything. Browsing through photos from my dusty hard drive has been a real test.

Then again, I would do anything for u. U know that, right?

Anyway, I can’t remember much but I did go on a little shopping frenzy when I was there. I may have only been in KK for three days but I only had time to shop, if u sum it all up, only for a few hours…around six hours the most.

It didn’t stop me from helping boost the Malaysian economy, though.

Find out where I’ve lurked after the jump…

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Coping The Way I Know Best

I know that I should be grieving but I’ve said it in the numerous shout outs in this blog, writing has been really therapeutic for me. It calms me down, helps me reminisce plus it keeps me at home instead of searching for something to spend on. So excuse me while I continue on with how I cope best.

Oh btw, I am referring to blogging although what I will write about is a very close second.

So here I am fulfilling my wish of shopping until my credit card cries foul for this trip and I am doing just that.

First thing I saw when I walked in Centre Point Sabah
was a mob of adoring fans were a lot of people.

Knowing full well that I hate it when there’s a crowd and people keep bumping into me, my friend (and most of the time, my conscience and financial adviser) brought me straight to Palm Square at the fourth floor.

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Mr Porter: It’s the Guys’ Turn

I am once again sick, like the rest of the fragile people I know. Yes, we bruise like a peach on a hot summer day…that’s just how we roll.

Anyway, so I was trying to get some rest last night and I read a tweet regarding Mr Porter and becoming a founding member. Instantly clicked, supplied my details and just like that, I got my email confirmation.

I am trying to find information regarding Mr Porter on this website but I cannot supply much other than this was referred by Net-a-Porter so it is safe to assume that this is their male version of their site. As it says on its page…

Founding Memberships are limited, so apply now and take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Exclusive access to the site before it launches to the public
  • Complimentary shipping for all purchases during this period
  • Seasonal previews and MR PORTER exclusives
  • Access to a team of Personal Shoppers for expert style advice

    I think it is high time that the men starting stamping their place in fashion and putting a dent in our credit cards just as much as the female counterparts.

    Sign up here.

    Bimbo Shopping: Super Save Style

    Following my little notebook makeover, since I was already in Super Save in Times Square, Brunei to pick up stickers, I thought of just trying to look around and see what other crap I don’t really need but wanted to buy anyway.

    I can’t remember how much these things cost but I believe all of these cost me less than S$30=RM70=PHP1000 so it is all good.

    Let’s take a look at what I got, shall we???

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    The Only LV I Can Afford

    Having bought two bags recently online, I begged negotiated to get something. Maybe to reduce/remove my shipping fees or get some discount on the bags. I didn’t get any of those but I did get this lurve-ly note pad for FREE!!!

    I am sure that this costs nothing but hell, I am happy to get a freebie. I am just cheap that way.

    And since I am not really getting any gifts from anyone this year, I am considering this as one.

    How many times should I whine in this blog until I get an actual gift from someone???

    Christmas Shopping…Sort Of!

    This is not exactly what I had in mind. What I imagined myself doing this holiday season is going overseas, get away from it all and shop until the limits.

    This was all before someone finally won the PHP700++million grand prize in the Philippine lottery so right now, I am not so keen.

    Anyway, no one is giving me anything this Christmas and I admit that I am not surprised. In my case, there are only two reasons why:

    1. I have too old to receive anything so people are expecting me to give.
    2. I did not post my wishlist here so people don’t have any idea what to get me.

    For reason no 2, I know it is my fault. There is always next year and I will try to post the wishlist three months before Christmas. Just to give u time to pick what u want to get for me plus I am considering the shipping time plus customs clearance and everything.

    Geez. I know too much about online shopping, noh?

    Anyway, I opted not to go online shopping for something especially lately because I keep on looking at things that I cannot afford…or I really try hard to afford them and then end up eating instant noodles for a good decade.

    So for now, I decided to hit the local mall and get something. Otherwise known as my only cardio activity for this holiday.

    So I was walking around and I went inside Charles & Keith Store here in Brunei. I always come in here to go with my friends but I never really paid attention on what they had to offer mostly because they have this uber huge mirror and really good lighting so I end up staring at myself.

    So I went in and this caught my eye…

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    Small/Size Zero Remnants of Manila

    This post would conclude (finally huh?) my posts regarding my Manila trip. As I’ve mentioned, I am going crazy, even crazier than usual, trying to remember so many things. Hustling for the other posts that I’ve been meaning to say since this blog was down and well, in the one month that I was in absencia in the internet universe, there’s so many things that has happened.

    Anyway, I have placed so much thought in how I wanted to conclude my series of entries regarding my Philippine trip. I initially thought of posting up the crazy antics that I did on the way to the airport, i.e. making pot stops here and there, doing last minute shopping and shoving my throat with pastries that I suddenly craved for but I was reviewing the photos and trust me when I say, they were not pretty. It was like the first few minutes of any war-themed movie.

    It was just plain disaster.

    So I decided to just reminisce a little bit and I realised that I did put myself up on a budget when I went home. I initially wanted to just stick to just a few hundred dollars to shop with and stuck it out with cheap places to buy stuff and I have to admit, things haven’t been very easy. Who knew trying not to spend is so difficult, noh?

    So to end things, I decided to just dedicate this post to all the things that I’ve bought from Manila…at least those that I could remember.

    Safe to say that I totally overspent plus I didn’t get to buy the boots that I’ve been meaning to get, but I did get some good buys. Not all from this place, but needless to say there were inexpensive.

    I will go out my way and finally admit that I am getting old and starting to get that thing that u call…what is it a again…when u start to forget things??? Shucks…let’s just say I am going to try hard to recall how much I bought them for.

    So here goes…

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