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My Marc Jacobs Brooches

A fellow blogger and friend Senyor Pablo showed off his new Camouflage Marc Jacobs Tote and it reminded me of these things that I bought a month ago. Not bags though but it another thing that I LURVE!

Here are my two new brooches from Marc Jacobs. One can never have too many brooches, I tell u.

I initially just wanted the Gold Dog because it is not only a brooch but it also doubles as a necklace. I wore this when I went to Miri with my friends.

I love the little detail of pink and blue. This is quite tiny and u have no idea how difficult it was for me to focus that stupid camera and get the details in.

The necklace hooks at the back of the dog (that small hole next to the pink detail). Just unhook it and u get a tiny brooch.

Pretty clever.

Now the reason why I bought this Blue Bling Bling Flower is because I didn’t want the money I paid for shipping to just go to waste.It was an addition of a few dollars for an extra purchase to have this shipped…but not a little extra to buy this one. Now that I think about it, it didn’t make smart money saving sense.

But who cares? It is not my style. Would probably starve first before I reconsider my shopping habits.

I am not sure if I captured it clearly here but that thing in the middle holds those silver nail head looking thing. So it sort of protects those gems underneath it. It is pretty small and it looks exactly like those I see Muslim Women wear on their tudongs. Nevermind, I am sure that I will find an outfit to embellish with this.

Unlike the Gold Dog, this one has an engraving at the back.

It has been a while since I posted some of the things that I bought here which I think means I should be celebrating because it means I have finally gotten some restraint on spending too much. Besides, there is nothing to spend for now. I am trying to plan a little trip for myself.

Maybe I should celebrate by getting myself a new bag?

Shopping in the Kiddies Section is CHEAPOWAHHH!!!

I have not shopped in a while and I am proud of myself. I am flat ass broke and I really need to save some moolah if I intend to travel some time soon. Of course, that should include some shopping money because lately, online shopping is just not doing it for me. I wanna experience the rush when I see something from the window,, I start walking fast and start ordering people to see and inspect whatever it is that made my heart start pumping fast.

I know u feel that, too. Admit to it!!!

Brunei is not exacltly a shopping haven so for someone who is quite impulsive in shopping, this place is a perfect place to be banished in. No temptations most usually…but knowing me, I will always have some sort of excuse to spend.

This is one of those rare occasions.

It is not exactly an extravagant purchase but with how my bank account is looking at the moment, I should be stopping myself. Then again it is on sale and I just can’t help it…


These shirts really take me way back when my age was in single digits. Who doesn’t remember Mario and Captain America. Milo I am not so sure about and Star Trek but I just had to get all of them.

Yes, I got them in the kids department. Yes, they are a bit snug. Yes, they are sooo cheap. Each costs S$4.90=RM8.00=PHP150 and they are worth it.

They are a little tight but I refuse to believe that they don’t fit me. I may need assistance in putting them on but I don’t care. They are cute and it will always be a constant reminder for me to stop turning my mouth into a garbage chute…sort of like a girdle.

With that said, my favourite shirt is the one with this print.

Note to self: BLACK IS SLIMMING!!!

Red Princess Marries The Blue Stud

Remember how I placed a little teaser post last week on some of the things I have bought recently.

I have been carrying around the Red Princess and the Green Grand Daddy has been left at home for quite a while so the inevitable happened.

The Red Slut Princess found her other half…meet the Blue Stud.

To tell u honestly, I am not crazy about the colour. The photo shows that it is really bright blue and that’s what is shown on the photo when I bought it online but I was just not amused when I got it. It did not come with the leather tag either.


I am still crazy over the epi leather line and I am still happy that I got it. It is very easy to mix and match with clothes and with the other two colours that I have, it would be a good colour blocking piece.

I bought this weeks back and I have pretty much overused this…only because I am not liking it.

Hey, if I am going to ruin one of these Riviera’s, I might as well wear out the one that I the least crazy about.

As for the missing leather tag, I just thought of spicing it up with one of my crumpled scarves in the closet.

Nice, noh?

I think this will be the last purchase that I will have for the decade year.

My LV Family is complete…at least for now. 😛

Red Princess Came With…Celine Scarf

I was cleaning out my closet, just a little bit, also putting away the Red Princess for a while because I can feel my Gucci Gold Bag crying out for attention so I had to come to the rescue.

Realised that I have this.

Got this Celine Scarf for free after endless begging and professing how poor I am from the online store I bought my Red Louis Vuitton Riviera from.

I have never purchased a scarf like this but what the hell, it is free and a peasant never complains.

It is supposed to go with the bag when u tie it around the handles. I’ve seen it done in magazines but I am not sure if it works for me.

What do u think??? A little off noh? I think it reminds me of my grandma’s house clothes…or was it her curtain? Table runner?

I think I will need to buy a top down car, wrap it around my head,  wear big White Chanel Sunnies and drive down to the country side.

Bimbo Shopping: Vintage Christian Dior Sunnies

I wore them to the Food Review and as usual, been meaning to make a post about it but the cupcakes are distracting me I’ve been busy.

As u may all notice, I’ve been purchasing most of my stuff online. This is only because there is no designer shops here in this country but there are a lot of fakes. One time, I was walking around the mall and I saw a really nice Hermes Kelly. I asked how much it was and they said it was S$3,000.

But wait, it is on 10% discount.

I almost slapped that lady in the face. Not that I would be buying it if it were cheaper but come on, what an insult. I’ve had original bags that cost that much!!!

Anyway, point is, there is nothing original to be bought here…at least for bags.

Then, of course, there are other things that I love and those are SUNNIES!!!

Another problem, they’re are so damn overpriced here. I usually buy mine overseas, not yet online because I obviously need to try them on. My face isn’t exactly sunnies friendly.

Back to getting the story on to how I got these babies in my arms.

My friend from Indonesia, who initially introduced me to online shopping, found this really meek and old spec place in the city.

I actually forgot the name of the place but “O” stands for Optician. LOL! It is opposite Standard Chartered Bank in Bandar for those who are familiar with the place.

It looks really dingy from outside but man, this really taught not to judge a book by its covers, or in this case, by its dirty shop windows.

When I entered this shop, I think I heard the angels sing, the church bells ring and my credit card cry!

They had a lot of the vintage brands on stock. I can’t remember the brands that they had because it’s been more than a month since I was there but I do know they had Christian Dior’s.

The best part…they are ORIGINAL!!!

Oh there u go. The name of the place is KAI MENG OPTICAL. :)

I had them line up all of the CD’s and they were quite breath taking.

I was choosing between these two.

After close inspection…

I eventually chose the green one.

I get wear them when the sun is not so high so I wore them when it was past 6 going to the Food Review.

There are still a lot of these in that shop…and currently trying to stay away.

Believe, it is against my own will but my bank account is begging. :(

Bimbo Shopping: DKNY Watch

I kind of promised myself that there will be no more purchases for myself until I finish posting all of the stuff that I’ve bought in the past few month.


Anyway, I got this purchase around April this year when I went to Malaysia. It was an accidental purchase because I forgot to bring my watch and I needed one to match what I was wearing.

Sidenote: Perfect excuse to buy something, noh?

Anyway, so I was picking from a few watches and I had to ask for my friends’ opinion on some stuff. I actually wanted to buy three but I ended up buying only two of them.

One of them is this baby!!!

The box is a beauty. It is kind of huge for this watch but who cares? It has a clear coating and white underneath so it kinda looks like it is ivory or something expensive.

I think that last paragraph was the most incoherent I’ve been throughout my posting history. Surely, more to come.

I have never had an all silver watch before so I thought it was about time that I purchased one, plus I needed it when we went out to party. I am not exactly a round watch kind of guy but this one screamed my name.

Let me give u a closer look and u could probably figure out why.

It has crystals around it. Pretty neat I think. My friends say I like my stuff to be bling blingy and loud, I actually disagree but I love this anyway. I still can’t believe they didn’t want me to purchase this at first. They wanted me to buy a white banded watch which looked like $5 kind u can see by the streets.

What’s also nice about this is looks great on EVERYTHING. It doesn’t matter what colour, day or night, going for business meetings or just tilling ur farm, this is perfect. 😛

What is also great about this is that they gave me two years warranty on the crystals,which means that if I lose any of them during that time, they will replace it with new ones…

…or was it one year. I wasn’t really paying attention because I was looking at the other watch that I wanted to buy.

Ooohhh. And this is the watch I wore to the Fashion Party I went to a week ago.

Nice, noh???

Brooch # 47,985

I am not sure if u’ve seen America’s Next Top Model but there is this bit where Mr (or Miss) Jay gets week through week and gets part of his outfit to become larger as each contestant gets eliminated. Well, he wore this brooch and which became so big it was the size of his face.

Ok,  now I am starting to doubt myself and I am not sure if that really was part of the series or I just dreamed it. Anyway, I had it in my head so I search high and low for a brooch just like no avail.

Then again, I knew friends were of some use to me and I knew this would probably be one of those instances.

Lindsay Abcede is a good friend of mine way back in primary and until know, we’ve been in touch. She is the most multi-faceted person I know and she is the Martha Stewart kind of person, without the criminal record.

Well, now, she is also a designer and I got a few of her pieces when I was back in the Philippines and since I am away trapped in the greenery of Brunei Darussalam, I had something shipped to me from her…with a lot of help from my mum…only after I got down on my knees and cried tears of Gucci Eau de Toilette.

I specifically asked that it be in black and the size of my hand, the rest was up to her imagination and this is what she came up with.

My friend saw this and he said that it is a little “Lady Gaga” but I think this is amazing. It is made of semi presh stones and a lot of wires. It looks nice up front but the back of this just goes to show how much work was put into this.

This baby weights a ton so I cannot wear it on light weight cloth or else it would rip or I would topple over. I haven’t worn this one yet but I think it would be perfect on the jacket I purchased a few weeks back.

This is the final touch for the outfit(s) I wore over the party weekend.

I just realised that for someone who is screaming I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR a week before the party, I sure have so many things to show off.

I have been corrected though. My friend said that I should reword it to U CAN’T DECIDE ON WHAT TO PUT ON UR SEXY PETITE LITTLE BODY!

If u want to see more from my friend’s work, visit her multiply site Statements by Li.

Bimbo Shopping: Gucci Bamboo Accent Handbag

I decided to just let the party photos wait for a while mainly because I am going through the photos and there are a lot. Besides, there are only few that makes me look OK at best so I will really have to scan through them.

I am just going show off my new purchase. :)

Like I have said many times before, I am not that much into getting to fashion as in know designers (as in recite all of them in my sleep) and know what their designs are called, the collections, model names and such. There are so many things that I don’t know about fashion.

I have to own up to being a bimbo one way or the other, right???

And another thing that I don’t know is the actual name of this bag. LOL!!!

I have always wanted a  small bag and because I cannot afford this one, I bought this a month ago. Sort of like a pill box which is easy to carry when I go to movies, have a coffee date or running away from a mob of angry villagers with fire torches.

The word “Gucci” is is nicely etched on the front of the bag. A little subtle for my taste but I LURVE!!!

This is my very very VERY first recognition of what a Gucci Signature Design is. Bottega has the weave, LV has the monogram while Gucci has the bamboo accents. I think I saw Rihanna as the model for one of these once. Well, not exactly this bag but the bamboo accented bags. I was in Kuala Lumpur at that time when I first saw it.

It zips down to the bottom with an ingenious flap on the side to make sure that everything is in place. It also has a small inside pocket.

Even though it is quite small, it can hold a lot of stuff. The reason why I posted about this now is because I brought it along to the party I went to over the weekend. I was able to fit in my camera, my perfume, car keys, phone, a few bills and whatever is left of my shame.

One more post about what I wore and I hope to get to the party pics.

Thanking the Gucci Gods for the holiday today, noh?

Sale on Raymond Weil & Milus Swiss Timepieces

I have been so backlogged on my email and I just saw this and thought I might as well share…however late it might be.

Just click on the photo above and enjoy up to 75% off on these babies.

U have 33 hours left as of this post.

Hey, u have a few hours left, wherever u might be.

Go and buy…please keep me in ur thoughts while u click that ADD TO CART AND CHECK OUT buttons. 😛

In case u are feeling generous, I would like this.

I have pants to match this. Would’ve been perfect for my coffee meet last Sunday.


Jeffrey Rogador’s Out Of This World Pants

I attended one of my friend’s, Daniel Cabrera’s, parties before. The theme was “Heroes and Villains” and it was awesome…except I was such a party pooper by not going by what the theme required. Although he did say that I could go in all black as Villain but when I saw the rest of them there, I looked abnormal.

Although, it is usually a case being myself.

I actually had a costume for that party but I was afraid to wear it because I may…just may…have gone over the top with it.

Before u guess, NO. I didn’t go as the ICE QUEEN from Narnia complete with the sled and the white wolves.

I will post about what I wanted to wear for that one next time.

Anyway, since that party, he did tell me that he will announce his next party way way WAYYY early to make sure that everyone is prepared. And he did, more than a month before the event. The pressure was so on.

I seriously didn’t know what I wanted to wear until the last minute. It was more of choosing which to put on because, of course, u don’t want to look like u went to the party just right before u shaved the sheep, bathed the water buffalo while singing “Old McDonald”.

Eventually, I decided to wear the big guns since let’s face it, I cannot wear them to the office, unless I wanted to get canned instantly.

I bought these two babies from a good friend of mine, Jeffrey Rogador. He used to work here in Brunei until a couple of years back when he moved back to the Philippines to become a big fashion designer which he has more than surpassed for the few years that he has gone back.

He is now responsible for dressing a lot of Filipino Celebrities now. Please do not ask me who they are because I don’t know a lot of them but I do know they are famous. Besides, in my head I am THE ONLY celebrity!

He designs a lot of men’s clothing and is a main stay for Philippine/Manila Fashion Week. He has invited me to join him for a few times already but I am sadly away…far far away drowning in paper work when I can soak myself in all the beauty where I can truly blend in while standing out!

LOL! That’s a lot of strikethrough’s. Let’s get back to business, shall we?

We have been in touch online and I hear a lot of great things from him – his projects and the people he dresses. Anyway, I saw some of his designs and I got these two designs from him.

It is hard to describe these but they are like over sized track pants. The material is a lot lighter though and not so hot which is perfect for this part of the globe. The trimmings are cyan in colour which sort of matches the brooch that  I bought over stress.

The other pair…

These are really hard to describe.

Bimbo version: it sort of looks like u draped ur bath towel over ur knee length shorts.

The material reminds me of those jerseys for basketball. Not that I ever wore one or played basketball. I would rather swim in a drain with bullfrogs that to humiliate myself.

Unless of course, they will let me wear these to play, noh?

As usual, the photos doesn’t do these clothes justice and because these clothes are not on me yet but trust me, ur jaws will drop.

I have to say that I didn’t make a mistake in purchasing these babies and I got a lot of compliments for wearing them to the party.

Jeffrey Rogador owes me a top, btw.

Note: If anyone is interested in seeing more designs from him, please let me know and I will refer u. :) I am so nice just like that. Ha!