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Did u know that Kaizen means improvement or change for the better?

I have known that for a while and I thought I would take the opportunity to act all knowingly and be self-assertive. One of the rare occasions, as always.

Anyway, being the Japanese food lover that I am, u would expect that I would be scouring Brunei for all Jap dishes that I could find which brings us to this post.

I have been to Kaizen Sushi Restaurant for a number times and yet I never get to write anything about it. Maybe I am just not that crazy about this place.

With that mentioned and inasmuch as their name suggests amelioration, I would suggest that they expand their space. I was trying so hard to catch a good shot of the place but it was too cramped. This is the only decent one I got.

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Earlier this week, I was kidnapped by my friends and whisked me away straight from work. I hate last minute trips and I would gladly sue them for this but what the hell, I was dropping hints at me leaving for good so I think it was a nice gesture.

Anyway, this is me being fabulously kidnapped.

I have to say that I like these pants riding higher than usual. Makes me look slimmer and taller so people take note!

I am wearing Dean and Kent Shirt (???), Maldita Pants, Fossil Watch, LV Bag and my fave for now white Sueño Espadrilles.

Every kidnapped person would always be punished this was mine.

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Blaming My Cousin

My cousin was int he country to visit. He was in and out for a month and for the times that he was here, we did nothing but eat.

I was looking at my photos from last month and I cannot help but notice how much weight I’ve put on and it is all his fault.

He grew up here in Brunei anyway so there was no place that he hasn’t seen. So we were left with nothing to do but eat. And my aunt and uncle, knowing well that lurve eating out, I was tasked to pick the places where we were supposed to go.

Just a warning, the following post will be food photos. If u are skinnier than I am, and chances tell me that u are, do stare at them and torture urselves.


Something like that…

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Best Things Come In Three’s

This post is long overdue and it was a good thing I saw the photos in my vault.

Last month, I was invited by Señor Pablo to his huge ass humble abode for a little catch up since it has been a while since we sat down for a little chit chat. Though it seemed like it was not long ago since we sat down for coffee.

That is me in his Arabian-inspired receiving area. I sure hope I got the inspiration right.

More after the jump…

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Rendang Rendang By The Seashore

I have always wondered why my friend never brought me to the truly local places in KK and his reply was…

“U don’t look like u are the person who would go to places like that.”

I gave him a look of disgust because that is so not me. I don’t know what he meant by that and I don’t know what look I should have to be able to fit in to local places, as I wished.

Now that I think about it, maybe I should go for the “local theft boy” look the next time I visit…then again, my wardrobe is just so limited. Sigh…

Anyway, so on the last night before I flew off back to Brunei, we decided to go to this local quaint inside the Jesselton Point called Restoran Asli Indonesia. The look of the whole Jesselton Point is very local, at least to me. Reminds me of the night markets here in Brunei. I think they call it “padang”.

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Back to Old Town

After my shopping frenzy in Warisan Square, Suria Sabah and 1Borneo, I was ready to take a break somewhere. It was late at this time and all I had was a hand full of shopping bags and an occasionally empty stomach.

My friend and I went to a few restaurants but they were mostly full so walking around we decided to go just have dinner in Old Townagain.

With my aching feet, I needed to take a break and pig out a little bit. From my first time in a different branch, I know that I will be extra happy with my break from retail therapy.

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The Closest I Could Get To Italy

I hope that is not true, though. But for now this will do.

The moment I arrived in Kota Kinabalu, I immediately had to fill my hungry tummy with something good, still with the same friend, he brought me to Little Italy.

My friend tells me he frequents this place a lot and when I got back, people here are asking me if I passed by here. Must be something good and it did not disappoint.

U know the drill, I show u the photos of the place then I show u what I ate.

Predictable I know. Next time I will rate the place according to how good-looking the wait staff are.

Join me???

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What the FUKUROU?!?!?

There’s that word play again. Told u I would come up with it one time or another.

My taste buds have been watering for this as I ended the first round of my Kota Kinabalu Trip. I asked if there is a nice Japanese Restaurant in the area and I was brough to Fukurou Japanese Restaurant.

Now I did a little research and Fukurou in Japanese means Owl, which explains their logo. It also is a symbol of good luck semantically where “kurou” means trouble and “fu” means no or not. Owl also speaks the language of love.

Quite clever! I bet u not a lot of people know that which means I am a step ahead of u…at least those who don’t speak Japanese.

Let’s go inside, shall we???

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Another Food-Related Disaster…

…but this time, I hereby swear that I, of sound mind and body, had nothing to do with this.

But like I said, I am a magnet for disaster so for this one, plus being followed by this and this, my face, unlike Cher‘s,no longer shows any expression of surprise.

It was just one of the random coffee breaks in Coffee Bean with my friend. I would have my usual which is the Caramel Ice Blended No Whip Cream Light which was not available.

That right there is disaster enough so trudging on with my order was already a big mistake.

Anyway, so I ordered the Ultimate Ice Blended No Whip instead since there was nothing else I could think of other than shoving that up the cashier’s ass. And of course, my coffee break won’t be complete without a slice of cake.

So I ordered the Triple Layer Choco Cheesecake (?) sat my ass on my seat as they serve it to me and look at what I got!!!

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