Christmas Shopping…Sort Of!

This is not exactly what I had in mind. What I imagined myself doing this holiday season is going overseas, get away from it all and shop until the limits.

This was all before someone finally won the PHP700++million grand prize in the Philippine lottery so right now, I am not so keen.

Anyway, no one is giving me anything this Christmas and I admit that I am not surprised. In my case, there are only two reasons why:

  1. I have too old to receive anything so people are expecting me to give.
  2. I did not post my wishlist here so people don’t have any idea what to get me.

For reason no 2, I know it is my fault. There is always next year and I will try to post the wishlist three months before Christmas. Just to give u time to pick what u want to get for me plus I am considering the shipping time plus customs clearance and everything.

Geez. I know too much about online shopping, noh?

Anyway, I opted not to go online shopping for something especially lately because I keep on looking at things that I cannot afford…or I really try hard to afford them and then end up eating instant noodles for a good decade.

So for now, I decided to hit the local mall and get something. Otherwise known as my only cardio activity for this holiday.

So I was walking around and I went inside Charles & Keith Store here in Brunei. I always come in here to go with my friends but I never really paid attention on what they had to offer mostly because they have this uber huge mirror and really good lighting so I end up staring at myself.

So I went in and this caught my eye…

This bag is quite interesting but I had to say having it in white is just too high school/amateur. So I looked around.

I would usually ask for assistance because I do not want to waste time whenever I shop, then again I am in Brunei and having a shopping spree moment here is a little bit difficult unless u are me, of course so I had all the time in the world.

Gladly, it came in different colours.

I was only asking some small deets about the bag whie I looked around some more…so I stared at their wall shelf of bags. Some are quite attractive for me…

…and before u know it. A new bag was already whipped out from the back room.

This is such an impulse buy because I saw the quality and it is quite good. Plus the colour is just right for my current taste. A little bland but so in for me. A perfect reflection for how I feel about this coming holiday season.

Being the cheapskate that I am, I asked if there is any discount that I could get. I could if I had a membership card which I obviously didn’t have but then there is this one lady who was looking around who turned around and offered her discount card for me to use.


I let them do their magic and to make things even better for me, they gave me a bit more of a discount as in bigger than the normal discount a normal membership card would get.

I guess this makes me abnormal.

So let’s wrap it up!!!

Did u guess the colour right???

I think with the wild trimmings that it has, the chaotic zippers and the gold tone hardware in the middle, getting it in a boring oak colour would tone things down a bit.

See! I do have some restraint in me!

So here are some snapshots of my newest bag and so far, I am quite happy with it. Very easy to carry and it adds a little bit of interesting shade in my usual splash of colours.

This may not be the up scale designer bag but look at the stitching. The quality is good and the design is still as interesting. This doesn’t cost much either. It might not be the Mulberry Alexa that I always wanted (mum, please take note and for everyone, consider this as the number one in my wishlist) but this is a nice satchel bag that I could use daily.

So please stop buying fake bags!!!

The lining inside is quite yummy, too.

If the bag design doesn’t scream jungle-licious already, I think this lining would back it up.

There are so many things that I wish I could do or go to or buy this season. I am making do with what I have for now and since no one is giving me anything, I would gladly consider this as a gift for myself. Impulsive, but a gift nonetheless.

With that I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!

When u see me around sulking in the city streets, please do not hesitate to buy me a cupcake. Hopefully, I will be in style. 😛


Charles & Keith is located in the Unit 1.44, Level 1, The Mall, Jalan Gadong Phone number (673) 8827788. Bag costs around S$80=PHP2700.