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Whew! Didn’t know I was such a social networking whore patron.

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  1. Dear John,
    I just read your post, “Will Perez Hilton Go To Jail For Tweeting Miley’s Vajayjay?”, in which you discuss the recent revealing photo of Miley Cyrus and the possible legal ramifications for Perez Hilton. I enjoyed how your view on whether Hilton should go to jail; it seems like many have been calling for his head, but as you said, while his tweet may have been inappropriate, it might not warrant child porn charges.

    The following video uses coverage from a number of differnent media outlets to cover the Cyrus/Hilton controversy.

    I think it’s relevant to you post. Would you consider embedding it there?

    Thanks so much for your time,
    Ryan Kresse

    Instructions for embedding videos: videos analyze and synthesize news coverage of important global
    issues from multiple sources. Its unique method of presenting how
    different media outlets around the world are covering a story provides
    context to help viewers understand complex global issues

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