Eight Years Of My Life

With all the packing that I’ve been doing lately, the time has come for me to send some of my stuff back home. I cannot believe that I could fit all the things I have hoarded over the past eight years into these boxes. Well, at least half of it. I have a box left which will be sent off right on the day that I am about to leave. It will take three weeks for these boxes to reach home so I needed to send some ahead of time. It is hard as it is now because for the weeks coming, I have not accessorised nor have I worn anything out of the liberty of choice since I only have a quarter of what I own left here.

No scarf? No necklace? No brooch? No bowties? Might as well go out naked, noh?

On the above photo, I was trying to crack a nice smile while I write my home address in the Philippines, but deep inside, I was tearing up, waving my hands and arms in disgust.

Imagine the look on my face when I saw them do this…after the jump.

They did tell me something I surely know already…that I CANNOT PACK!!! They had to re tape all around it and stuff.

It is just amazing how they can easily just bring these boxes down from my room which is in the first floor. I was horrified because they might drop it and break everything in it. It had my designer bags, my sunnies, clothes, books, shoes and things that are so freaking precious to me.

That said, I placed FRAGILE on all of them.

At this point, while they were lifting, they were already screaming WHAT THE FREAKING HELL IS INSIDE THIS, JOHN REY!!!

Goodbye, things that make me feel pretty. I will see u in three weeks!!!