ESAC Holiday 2011

Now how’s that for starters?!?!?

I am now continuing my posts on the adventure I had through Philippine Fashion Week. I know I know it was ages ago but who cares, noh???

Anyway, here is the ESAC Holiday 2011 Line. I love the bright colours and the material are mostly bling bling shiny. U know I love everything shiny.

More photos after the jump…

This is actually my favourite dress. I don’t know why I can’t get over my love for purple. The disease has been on for months now.

Theses clothes I can see being worn by brides/brides maid’s (did I spell that right?)/god parents/debutantes.

It is a little bit typecasted for my view but I lurve the use of colour, nonetheless.

Final walkthrough…

And a final peek at something that I wish I could do.

That’s it…NO MORE CARBS!!!