I recently shopped in Face Shop. Don’t ask what I got but if u spend above S$30, u get these freebies. Any higher amount spent, then u would get more. But since I am as poor as a chimp (and also look like one), I would have to settle for these.

Lookie lookie…

Here is a Mask Sheet which I should be slapping on my face once a week. I have dozens of this and have been gathering dust for a while. I think I need to add that to my new year’s resolution list…never too late.

This one I will definitely use. I am not finished with my previous tube of Sleeping Mask but this one is next in line. This is the White Tree Snow Sleeping Mask which is to be used after moisturising ur face at night. Be sure to use it twice a week at most. I am currently using the one Raspberry which refines the skin.

This one whitens which I am not really aiming for but what the hell, it is free!!!

On that subject, have u ever noticed how some people have a different facial skin tone compared to their necks. It is a big pet peeve for me especially when I see ladies who has uneven make up. So please do not forget to slab some on ur neck and I mean it not only for makeup but also for skin care…and for both men and women.

Unless u are going for the “my head is floating” look, then it is a different story.

Or u are starring in a sequel for Ju-On, too.