I Just Can’t Get An Effing Break, Can I???

First, my website is hacked and now this.

I had this problem since the weekend and frankly, I have no idea what else I am supposed to do.

Is my website just generating bazillions of visits that I am getting sabotage all the time?!?!? I have to say that this is just disheartening. Updating this blog is not easy and to worry about things like these just takes the energy out of me.

Just a little background on this, whenever anyone visits my site, it says some Malware Bullshiz is on my site or is attacking my site and will attack ur computer crap…but I have referred to my server and they said that things are fine. It is just that the scripts on my ads and it is falsely recognised as Malwares.

I don’t even know what Malwares are but apparently, these are a big deal.

Point is, according to my server, things are fine. This message only pops up whenever u use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

In the future, try to use Internet Explorer because this warning sign doesn’t pop up when I use that.

Sigh! Is this happening because I am using Windows? Should I just switch to Apple or something?

If anyone knows how to fix this and prevent all this drama from happening, do drop me an email.