I Need A Change

In the absence of my blogging mojo, I knew that I needed a change. I have no work and doing pretty much nothing and yet I never get the time to sit my fat ass on a seat and start dabbling on my blog so I knew I needed to change something…much like when u break with someone…I decided to change my hair.

Now before u think that I am having a very good time, don’t be deceived by the smile that I have on. I know it is quite convincing since u can only see these pearly whites in French paintings…classic!!!

Actually this is not the first hairstyle I did since I got back in the Philippines. When I got back, I shaved pretty much everything around my head leaving some on the top and long bangs. Gotta love my bangs. Turns out, so many people had it and u know me, never liked being a wallflower so I put my twist on it…with some curls.

Here I am waiting for it to set. It was horrible actually. The stink was unbearable and the longer the chemicals were on my head, the pain was emanating. It was like pouring acid on my scalp!

And just to ease my pain and whining, I had to get me some cool coffee.

A couple of hours later, when they took out the cap and curlers, I was shocked to see this!!!

It look like I was a poodle…or Medusa. I got a little bit nervous.

But everything turned out well. It was a little less Goldilocks-like when it was dried of and set.

For the final look.

Pretty good, noh? Actually, it has been a couple of week since I got my frocks curled and now it is more wavy than curly. Plus I noticed right after my treatment that some of my hair were scalded off when I touched it so it felt like I had a really bad carpet installation on my head…much like a bad bikini wax.

I love it anyway. :)