M Barretto Holiday 2011

As u can see from my very first photo, my photography skills are below par which is quite a shame because the clothes that M Barretto is showing here is amazing.


Mr Barretto, if u happen to pass by my blog, please throw some my way. I will gladly show them off and photo whore (which apparently I am quite good at).

So much more photos after the jump…

This is the first men’s show that I saw and I was definitely excited. Men’s fashion is a little on the rigid side and playing around with it is a little bit difficult so I am really interested to see what is out there…boy was I glad to see this!!!


Love the suit!!!

I have those suspenders and that loose necked top. Idea!!!

I also have that red jacker in a vest version. Very Michael Jackson circa 1980s.

This is my favourite piece. Purple extravaganza!!! Would love to wear green shoes with that and play the guess the vegetable game.

There a few women’s pieces but given my bad photography skills, this is the only clear one I got.

The crowd started screaming when these people came out so I am guessing they are celebrities. Sigh…now I know I have been gone from the Philippines far too long.

And the last look.

This is not the last that I’ve seen of the men’s fashion line for Philippine Fashion Week.

I am salivating and generally inspired to dress up again!!!