Marlon Rivera Holiday 2011

Coming from the Oxygen Show earlier, I thought it would be a little blande for me to see more blacks. Don’t get me wrong I LURVE  black because it gives me all access to everything crazy but another full line of blacks and neutrals is a little too repetitive for me.

Coming into Marlon Rivera’s Holiday 2011 Collection felt like that at first, only because of the colours, but I was in for a surprise when I saw some colours towards the end. I was like revived back to sanity and the clothes totally got my attention. They spoke to me…and they said grab me while u can still see me on the runway.

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Like I said, started out with mostly black.

Then bam!!!

There are more colours that I saw actually but alas, my photography skills failed me. :((

This is my favourite!!! Give me that cape!!!

For the final looks.

Love the layers and the fit. Layering in a tropical country like the Philippines is next to impossible with the heat but how they are draped and the material seems light enough to let the skin breathe. Fashion should still be comfortable, noh?

And that’s it for the first day of my Philippine Fashion Week…which is actually the fifth day but I only got there that time.

More to come… :)