My Family Picture…Plus One Up For Adoption

I just wish that my mum doesn’t see this in case she is becoming menopausal and gets offended.

Anyway, as for my trip to the Philippines I decided to bring the Grand Daddy Green LV Riviera with me. I decided to just bring one and since I rarely use this in Brunei, I might as well take him for a little getaway just to make up for the times he is stuck in the four corners of the closet.

Another reason why I wanted to put up this photo is because my mum saw that I’ve been buying a few bags recently and essentially depleting all of my life savings so she is asking me for one. I had to decide which one of my “family” to give up.

In my head, I am telling my mum that giving up one of these bags is like giving a kidney, u will still function without one but u won’t know when u will need it again.

Eh, if it will make her happy and look up to the heavens, reach up and scream, “I am the luckiest mum to have a son like John Rey!” then so be it.

Here is one more look.

I think I should give this photo to Bagaholicboy for his mailbag.

I have given one of the bags to my mum already actually. I gave the one I didn’t like the most.

Can u guess which one?