Oxygen Clothing: Black Mania

While I was watching the Oxygen Line for Philippine Fashion Week, I kept on hearing Nina Garcia like a conscience saying that an “all black line is bland”…or at least something to that effect but I have to say that even then, I totally disagree.

Whenever I want to wear something a little out there, I always opt to make my colour scheme a dark. I think that takes the edge off though I do kind of tip toe on the line of becoming a little wacky. There is something about black that bring down any outfit a notch, turn it into simple elegance.

Take a look at Oxygen’s collection and this being the first show I attended, I am quite amazed. I would totally wear a lot of their clothing!!! That first piece alone had my name all over it!!!

More photos after the jump…

Those boots are to die for! I want them!!!

I can totally get away with most of these clothes, for the men of course!!! Actually, I feel like I have worn some of them before. That exaggerated collar looks like this one that I wore in one of the parties I went to last year.

Off to a great start. More to come…