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Inspiration of the Day

Now that I’ve been eating like a prisoner on death sentence sans exercise, I think it is just time to bring them back.

Let me be inspired…or frustrated!!!

I Need A Change

In the absence of my blogging mojo, I knew that I needed a change. I have no work and doing pretty much nothing and yet I never get the time to sit my fat ass on a seat and start dabbling on my blog so I knew I needed to change something…much like when u break with someone…I decided to change my hair.

Now before u think that I am having a very good time, don’t be deceived by the smile that I have on. I know it is quite convincing since u can only see these pearly whites in French paintings…classic!!!

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It Is My Anniversary?!?!?!

*insert universal gasp here*

I have to admit that this passed by me like a sale that I purposely avoided being the broke fool that I am.

A few weeks back, I have been reading tweets of fellow bloggers celebrating their blog anniversaries and I just had to check mine and apparently it was a week ago!!!

So to commemmorate my anniversary, I am giving away all my prized possessions such as my bags, houses and cars and this all u need to do is just follow me on twitter.

Yeah right!!! I can barely afford another bag so don’t even expect that I am giving away anything…not even a piece of gum!!!

Nevertheless I know that I need to shape up and get my blogging mojo back so here I am trying to make up for lost time.

Oh and that shot above is the very first photo I took since I got back here in the Philippines which was months ago so u can just imagine how long it has been.

I know u missed me…so here is another shot…after the jump.

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One Brunei!!!

Let’s take a break from all the fashion talk for a while and be part of history…that said as if I am not taking my sweet time posting on Philippine Fashion Week that happened like a month ago!!!

Anyway, if u’re a faithful follower of this blog for a while and why wouldn’t u be, u may have seen my feature in Projek Brunei being the superstar that I am a few months back. It was a huge deal for me since no one ever takes notice of me and let’s be honest, I kind of liked the attention.

On June 19th, Projek Brunei is turning one year older and to celebrate, it plans to make history by making #OurBrunei a trending topic on Twitter and I am inviting everyone to be part of it!

This Sunday from 8:00 to 8:30 pm, let’s start tweeting with the hashtag #OurBrunei including our positive messages of Brunei Darussalam. As for me, being away from Brunei, I will be tweeting sweet memories of the country and as fun-filled it is for me back here in the Philippines, I do miss the country of hidden treasure (I sure hope I got that tagline right…or was it pleasure???).

So everyone, I will see u on twitterverse this Sunday and be part of something huge!

For those who aren’t following me on twitter yet, u are all losers u can follow me here. Do follow @bruneitweet as well. He is the person behind Projek Brunei and smart enough to see the inner superstar in me.

See u Sunday!!!

Oh btw, if u haven’t seen my feature on Projek Brunei yet, lust over it here and also what I said about it here. Make sure to see how many people in the comments love me…LOL!!!

Oxygen Clothing: Black Mania

While I was watching the Oxygen Line for Philippine Fashion Week, I kept on hearing Nina Garcia like a conscience saying that an “all black line is bland”…or at least something to that effect but I have to say that even then, I totally disagree.

Whenever I want to wear something a little out there, I always opt to make my colour scheme a dark. I think that takes the edge off though I do kind of tip toe on the line of becoming a little wacky. There is something about black that bring down any outfit a notch, turn it into simple elegance.

Take a look at Oxygen’s collection and this being the first show I attended, I am quite amazed. I would totally wear a lot of their clothing!!! That first piece alone had my name all over it!!!

More photos after the jump…

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Bimbo’s Fashion Week First Look

No, this is not my excited look. LOL!

Philippine Fashion Week is a big deal for me and I decided to look a little bit low key and formal with my pin checkered suit. It is actually my grand dad’s suit who passed away earlier this year. I resized it to a high-fit waist and made the coat a little tighter.

And of course, had to bring my grand dad LV along with it.

More photos after the jump…

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Bimbo Goes to Fashion Week

There are so many queries that I had to answer on why I actually came back to the Philippines. To be honest, it was an actual leap of faith and ever since I landed back home, things have been hectic, hence backblogged.

But trust me when I say that things have been crazy…but it is all good.

As for me, I will have to do a lot of back tracking (what’s new, noh?) but for now, I would like to talk about something that I looked forward to seeing since I landed…MANILA FASHION WEEK!!!

In as many times as I could recount, I have always said that this blog is more of a personal blog but it is becoming inescapable for it to to turn to fashion. I presume it is because I look like a super model post photos of what I buy and things I wear and well…I am interested in fashion. :)

So last weekend, I was here and being a fashion week virgin, it was very overwhelming. I was close to strutting my stuff on the runway with a sign that says, “I belong here, damn it!!!”

Anyway, it was a lot of ups and downs, a lot of shows, a lot of corns on my feet, lots of fashionistas and a lot of oogling that I did. I was not able to attend all of the shows because, as much as I love fashion, it was a little draining. Imagine going to shows from lunch until midnight. Pretty much lived the life of a model because I barely ate.

So be prepared for a lot of updates on what I saw.


Goodbye, Brunei!!!

I have been back here in the Philippines for more than a month now and finally, I have to come to the end of my Brunei Posts.

I still feel like I will go back there but with how things are going, it seems that things might take time.

With that said, I miss Brunei. My friends, my family and the people in general.

Brunei has changed me in so many ways and despite the fact that I have left, deep down, I really do feel that I am somewhat Bruneian.

Please hold ur protests!!!

Anyway, I am here in the airport and the people who has been with me through thick and thin bid me farewell.

It was quite weird. With all the people there, it was like getting a flashback of who I’ve met for the past eight years. All we needed was a bottle of booze or five and we already have a party.

I seriously wish that I could cry for times like this…just so that I could show my appreciation for everyone who bid me goodbye. But for now, this is all I could afford.

And this officially ends my posts regarding Brunei…

…at least for now.

Until my return!!!

Afternoon Bloggers’ Delight

Sometimes, I am surprised at how much attention I get from this mini shrine that I have for myself. It is surreal and it is very weird at how many people cared that I was leaving Brunei, be it the people that I’ve known since forever or the people that I have grown acquainted with.

Oh who am I kidding? I love the attention and I deserve it!!!

With that said, one fine afternoon, in the midst of everyone’s busy work schedule, I was able to see the famous Bruneian Bloggers @bruneitweet, @marul69 and @zulfadly for a quick catch up and to bid the bimbo a sad farewell. As to what we talked about, please do not ask though I can assure u that we were laughing a lot.

A little cussing was happening, too, at least deep inside. I mean look at my meal and @bruneitweets’!!!

All my diet efforts were put to shame!!!

I obviously have the oily pasta and guess who is having the salad.

Hint: He was on the inaugural flight in Melbourne…or if u are dense enough, just match the black shirt with the photo above.

Good times!!!

Gulliver Much???

This was officially the last time that I stepped foot in the office. I was there just to grab my stuff and go but the staff were just eager to take photos with the superstar me!!!

There is just something weird with these photos…take a look…after the jump…

Notice it?

I look insanely huge in these photos…either that or they are freakishly miniature-ish.

The scene stealer of the photos isn’t me, of course. The fact that my ex-secretary was barefoot gave me a good chuckle.

Maybe she was just THAT eager.

I heard that they are missing my music in the office…which might mean my boss is actually happy with the silence.


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