Partying In Boracay

After that very very VERY short nap I had after cutting the wedding reception short, I needed to get ready to go out and explore Boracay at night. I have never been here before and so far,I am relying on all of my friends’ stories on what it is like there. Then again, I am not expecting much since it was October and usually, all the fun happens during summer vacations in the Philippines which is March until June.

Let’s find out.

Everyone is getting ready.

And I ended up wearing this.

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And out we went. We passed by the reception venue for a while and check on the people there. Bride was very happy, of course and surely pooped as well.

Obligatory photo op, too!

Here I am trying to teach my friends how to spell CONDOM using their hand.

Here I am with Janina trying to emulate our best pre-wedding photos…if we ever had one.

And now the Spice Girls the fab four are off.

When my friends said that we were to take a long walk on the beach to get to Station 2, where most of the bars are, I thought it would like ten minutes to get there.

Good to see that there were people still up at this time which is a little past midnight.

Damn it!

After almost an hour of forcing step after step and the expected whining from me, we got to the bars. It didn’t stop there though. We had to pick a nice place to go to so we moved on and on until we reached the end of the bars. We had to go back and just to pick a decent place to sit and just hang out. Get a little smashed and eat some more.

My friends are quite fond of the street food that I usually see around the university. Basically, it is barbecued EVERYTHING. Like intestines, hearts, livers, blood, etc. I was not up for a Fear Factor episode so I opted for the normal barbecue. LOL!

In the bar was alright. It was not exactly like I expected actually but I had a great time just being with my friends since I don’t see them as much being away. We spent an hour there and after little convincing, we had a tricycle ride back to our hotel.

Actually, that’s when the fun really started for us.

Simple chit chat, banter, laughs and photo whoring were in order.

Just trying to reminisce about old times and such. I don’t really know what we talked about but it is always fun to be with them. We’ve been friends for so long and whenever I see them, however long that we haven’t seen each other or talked, it is like nothing’s changed…in a good way. I would never miss a chance to see them whenever I am back in the Philippines. Sometimes, I even see them first before my own mum.

Come to think of it, I have not seen my mum since I landed to this point.

After a lot of LOLZ, I had to just call it a night. Jeffrey planned a morning jog while Janina and Anelle wanted to do some beach recreation. Mostly because of me since I haven’t done it before and all of them have been there.

So at this point, it is a good night to them.

Little did I know that the fun started even escalated higher after I snoozed.


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