Regatta Fashion Week 2011: Reminiscing

I have recently started catching up on my blog and I saw this old post that I drafted a bazillion ages ago. It would’ve been senseless for me to just chuck it out to my trash bin plus I took great photos (debatable) so I might as well post them.

A perfect example of a great photo…

I am on the second row to see all the fashion action…with a glass of champagne in my hands, of course.

The theme of the show is a boat deck as you can see in the first photo. Very cool and quite frankly, I think this is my go-to style whenever I am feeling casual. Solid colours, clean and crisp. Very nice!!!

More photos  after the jump…









My favourite were ladies’ shoes. Not that I would wear them but if you notice, they are boat shoes on a wedge.

I lurved the stripes, shirt and coats. All basics that I can easily mix and match.

I know that it has been over a year since this happened but it was because of this show that I am frequenting Regatta and I have been a satisfied, returning customer to date.

Thanks, Regatta.

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