Second Day Lets Do This

LOL! I just thought of posting this photo while I was on my way to SMX Convention Centre (near Mall of Asia) where the Philippine Fashion Week was held.

I was in a pretty happy mood despite the traffic jam ahead of me.

Even had a “cheer me up” snack waiting for someone.

I needed some back up while doing this mini coverage of mine and this made it entirely relaxing and even more enjoyable for me. Btw, I went to Lord Stow’s Bakery in Mall of Asia for some iced coffee and cookies. Delish!!!

Meet him after the jump…

Meet my personal assistant for the remaining two days of Fashion Week, Athan.

He did everything for me. Take pictures, wait in queue and even push people aside when I am about to pass. Even better, he would stare people back whenever they stared at me, get me my drinks and reserve my seats. Love love love it!!!

What’s more important was I was able to just really sit back and enjoy the shows while all the dirty work was taken cared of. I got to meet some people, mostly because they are somewhere near my vicinity, despite me being shy.


Oh, and just to save whatever dignity I have with the grossness of the photos I took from the previous day, I would like to blame the really bad seats I had. I was like in the back rows because I was a mere spectator but all of that is changed because of this plastic card…

HELL YEAH!!! From this moment on, I was throwing the I AM MEDIA card and get in first before most people and get special seats for the perfect view.

Before I forget, I would like to thank Runway Productions for the pass. I am very grateful and none of this would’ve been possible without u. Heartfelt gratitude.

Now on with the show!!!