Small/Size Zero Remnants of Manila

This post would conclude (finally huh?) my posts regarding my Manila trip. As I’ve mentioned, I am going crazy, even crazier than usual, trying to remember so many things. Hustling for the other posts that I’ve been meaning to say since this blog was down and well, in the one month that I was in absencia in the internet universe, there’s so many things that has happened.

Anyway, I have placed so much thought in how I wanted to conclude my series of entries regarding my Philippine trip. I initially thought of posting up the crazy antics that I did on the way to the airport, i.e. making pot stops here and there, doing last minute shopping and shoving my throat with pastries that I suddenly craved for but I was reviewing the photos and trust me when I say, they were not pretty. It was like the first few minutes of any war-themed movie.

It was just plain disaster.

So I decided to just reminisce a little bit and I realised that I did put myself up on a budget when I went home. I initially wanted to just stick to just a few hundred dollars to shop with and stuck it out with cheap places to buy stuff and I have to admit, things haven’t been very easy. Who knew trying not to spend is so difficult, noh?

So to end things, I decided to just dedicate this post to all the things that I’ve bought from Manila…at least those that I could remember.

Safe to say that I totally overspent plus I didn’t get to buy the boots that I’ve been meaning to get, but I did get some good buys. Not all from this place, but needless to say there were inexpensive.

I will go out my way and finally admit that I am getting old and starting to get that thing that u call…what is it a again…when u start to forget things??? Shucks…let’s just say I am going to try hard to recall how much I bought them for.

So here goes…

This is the very first thing that I ever bought in Greenhills and it was only because I was oh so desperate to get something. There are a lot of these shirts everywhere but it is only in this place that I got it for only PHP100=B$3. Not bad, noh?

I got two of this top, this one and another in blue from Mint. Not that expensive at around PHP1200 = S$40. Figured that this is a fun top to wear in the office as I find it unique with that interesting play on the buttons. Reminds me of the military.

This I believe I got from Folded and Hung as it was on sale. Bought this for PHP600 = S$30. Actually, I can’t really remember, I do remember though that it was on sale. I am in dire need of a good cardigan to add to the few that I have. It sucks to be living in this hot hot weather of ours and layering clothes is almost impossible but this cardigan is light enough not to make u break a sweat but heavy enough to keep me warm in my cold office. This could’ve been picked out by Goldilocks for all I know.

I am seriously panicking with this one because I cannot remember the prices. On the left is a pair of yellow skinnies from Zara and on the right is a pair of khakis from Maldita Man. The one from Zara is actually a little loose to my liking but the colour is just too yummy for me to pass up. The one from Maldita Man is actually quite interesting because it i not hung low (pun unintended) like how I want my pants to be but I think wearing them a little high makes it eye catching for me, plus the string is very summer-y. I am not afraid to ride those pants too high on my waist, I think high cuts are going to be back in…at least in my own little universe.

As for my previous post, this is the only pair of shoes that I was able to buy here. Not sure what to say brand-wise but I am sure it has one. However, for the price of PHP900 = S$28, I really don’t care. Not as bright as the other shoes that I have but I think mixing it up keeps my wardrobe a little bit interesting. I have to tell u guys though that ever since I came back, I’ve only worn them once and it has been three months. I really need to think of what to pair these with!

Enough about clothes, I am sure that my mum is spying on me once again and she will ask me the eternally unanswered question, “HOW MANY FREAKING CLOTHES DO U NEED?!?!?”

Actually, this question has been answered time and time again, it is just that my answer was and will always be unacceptable…at least to her.

Moving on. I saw these in Greenhills and I think they are ingenious. These Bag Organisers costs PHP300=S$10. How they work is u hang them with the hooks on the end and then just start clipping ur handbags on those little hoops there. Great right. I have to warn u guys, these organisers will only work when u are organised urself. So far, it’s been accumulating dust on my shelf but I will hop on to using it soon.

This is a good time for me to start jotting down my New Year’s Resolution.

By this time, I am pretty sure that u guys are aware that I am an accessory whore…and by accessory whore I pretty much take out every accessory I can see, sleep with them and never call them back buy those that I fancy without blinking an eye on where it would fit in my outfits. If u do not understand how big of a problem this sickness creates, I am going to let the photos of these three things that I bought speak for themselves. I have no idea when or where and how I am going to wear them but I am channeling my inner Tim Gunn and devise a “Make It Work” Moment.

U see what I mean now? No idea where I am going to wear these but these are so eye catching. May be for the wrong reasons but still!!!

Now for the most important item I purchased, please take a good look. It is a top from Folded and Hung up until now, I haven’t worn because I am taking good care of this thing…well that and I can’t find it under tons and tons of clothes I have piled but still, it doesn’t change the fact that this is so precious to me.

Looks like a normal top, right?

Take a closer look!

To all of u, it reads X Small/Size 0…



Side note:

Due to a reader’s request (yeah I am talking to u), I am now posting the address for the shops I’ve visited. Please remember that these are in the Philippines, in case u are as bimbo as I am. Some of the stores I buy my stuff in are all over the Philippines so just find the ones that are nearest to u.

To get to Greenhills, click here.

Mint‘s website is supposed to be here but it doesn’t seem to exist so just settle for the facebook page here.

Folded & Hung Stores can be found here.

Shoelution‘s Shoes can be found in their Multiply site here.

Zara‘s Stores in can be searched here.

To make things easier, most (if not all) these stores can be found in many major malls. I shopped in the Mall of Asia. To get there, click here.