So It Has Begun

Following my big announcement, I knew that I would have to meet with a love of people to bid my farewell…in every little way that I can.

So here is my first farewell thing, having coffee with Orchidrow.

We met a while back and I have to say that it was a pleasure meeting with her. Though it is only our second time to sit down for a little chit chat, I feel like we’ve known each other forever. Besides, she is the first one to ask me out since my announcement and I would be happy to gossip with her a little bit.

As per usual, I am scouring my closet for what to wear as I always claim to not knowing what to put on my back so I came up with an all pink ensemble.

While waiting for her to dry her hair (her words, not mine), I did a little photo whoring whoring while I dried my hair, too.

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Damn it. I will miss my house here…tacky curtains, messy bed and all!!!

Deciding on where to go is always difficult, especially when two people like us are always okay with anything. We ended up in Fleur-De-Lys which is a lovely Bakeshop holding some of the pastries I’ve come to lurve and will surely miss once I leave this country.

Since I wanted to overload on the sugar, this consisted of my dinner.

I had the Parisian Macarons in strawberry.

This is the Hazelnut Cupcake. There are so many flavour of this and I swear, one bit of this will make u dream and drool at the same time.

Last piece of pastry is the Chocolate Tart. I think by now u will get to understand why I have a big, fat and dimply ass.

I never usually have Teh C Special but I know it would be hard to find this elsewhere so I ordered it anyway. I am having so many sweets so getting this to wash it all down would just be in order. By the way, those three layers are just for show, u have to mix it and u will end up with an all brown-coloured drink.

And I changed one of the Macarons because I wanted to sample the many flavours that they had. I believe this is Vanilla.

As for Orchidrow, I am so surprised that with that small, petite frame, she was able to gorge on pasta and mini pancakes.

I hate envy her!!!

Miss, until our next gossip/fatten up the bimbo session!!!

Sidenote: Fleur-de-Lys Bakeshop can be reached through phone numbers 2451851 (Kiarong)/ 2231777 (Kiulap). For their facebook page, click here.