Zombie Boy Is Real!?!?

Yeah, I know. He is real like a real person but did anyone know that his face is tattooed with that skull make-up. Which come to think of it, it is not make up.

Let me start over.

Meet Rick Genest who is known for appearing in Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way Video and being the face of Mugler Men’s Line. Just thought it was interesting to find something about him thinking that he was just some random model with a lot of make-up (which model, isn’t) but apparently, Zombie boy, as he is known, is tattoed everywhere…almost.

I have read a couple of articles about him and here is what I can deduce from those:

  1.  He is from Montreal.
  2. Found by Nicola Formichetti (Mugler’s Fashion Director) on Facebook.
  3. He was asked if he could be flown to Paris a couple of weeks for Fashion Week. Only problem was that he didn’t have a passport because he was homeless and lived on the streets.
  4. He used to work in a Montreal Circus as a freak attraction.
  5. He is fully inked except on his…errr…manhood…but only because he didn’t have enough money.

Alright that last one made me think of how big his manhood is.

An arm? A leg? An elephant trunk?

How big?!?!?!?

One more photo after the jump…

That’s Rico with theMugler’s Fashion Director, Nicola Formichetti.

The two articles I was talking about are found here and here via Hit Blog.